FAR for 200 sq yards in Gurgaon is 3,564 sq feet


Plot Size City
FAR factor as per local bye laws (includes purchasable FAR)
Building Height allowed
Maximum No. of Floors allowed(excluding Stilt & basement)
Ground Coverage permitted
Maximum FAR permitted
Exclusions from FAR* ● Balconies ● Stilt parking
● Basement ● Lift shaft
● Mumty
(*This list is not exhaustive and certain areas may get added during finalisation of drawings)



Total Covered Area of All Floors *100 / Total plot Area

Ground Coverage

The portion of the building within the outer surface of the structural wall/column/slab measured at ground level excluding the projection/balcony/canopy/porch/void/shaft/ permitted free from FAR and cladding/curtain wall up to 150mm shall be considered as ground coverage.

Measurement of Height of a building

The vertical distance in the case of flat roofs is measured from the highest surrounding road level/ ground level up to the top of structural slab. Incase If the building does not abut on a street, the height shall be measured from the highest level of the ground immediately adjacent to the building.

Dwelling Unit

Each Unit with at least 1 Kitchen and 1 bathroom will be treated as one Dwelling Unit