Home Construction in Delhi NCR at 1850*/sq ft.

for Stilt + 3 or Stilt + 4 Floors.

*Plus GST at 12%

Home Construction in Delhi NCR at 1850*/sq ft.

for Stilt + 3 or Stilt + 4 Floors.

*Plus GST at 12%

All Core Essentials covered

Robust Structure

Kohler Bathrooms

Kajaria Flooring
& Wall Tiles

Fenesta UPVC/Ivory Teak Windows with Melamine Polish

False Ceilings with Coves
of Saint Gobain

Fire Resistant
Electrical Planning

Water Proofing from
Dr. Fixit

Wooden Flush Doors of Greenply/Centuryply

Anti-Termite Treatment
from Bayer

Beautiful Facades with Marble & Fundermax Laminates

Asian Paints
Luxury Emulsion

Linear Shower Drains

Homes with Warranty

14 Months
Delivery Guarantee

Hassle-Free Experience

And many more reasons

All Home Essentials Covered at Best Prices!

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Best in Class Features for the Price!

Features Prithu Homes Other Builders / Contractors / Architects
Structural Design through renowned structural engineers
Kohler Bathrooms
Fenesta UPVC/Ivory Teak Windows with Melamine Polish
Kajaria Flooring & Wall Tiles
Fire Resistant Electrical Planning
Wooden Flush Doors of Greenply/Centuryply
Linear Shower Drains
Asian Paints Luxury Emulsion
Anti-Termite Treatment from Bayer
Warranty on Homes
14 Months Delivery Guarantee

What you get

Stylish Interiors

Kohler Bathrooms

We use high-quality fittings from Kohler to give a premium appeal to your bathrooms.  Be it the basin, faucets, shower or toilet, Kohler adds great style and functionality with their award-winning designs.

Bathroom made with Kohler Fittings by Prithu Homes
Prithu Homes

Kajaria Flooring

We use Glazed Vitrified Tiles from Kajaria in your home. You can choose from thousands of color and texture options to complement your style and personality. You can also go for combinations of different tile designs to highlight specific areas in your home.

False Ceilings and Coves from Saint Gobain

Ceilings are usually the most neglected part of a home. To make sure your ceilings look modern and sophisticated we use false ceilings from Saint Gobain or USG Global. We also use coves which make the false ceilings look even more premium.

Prithu Homes
Prithu Homes

Wooden Flush Doors of Greenply/Centuryply/Merino

We use branded flush doors and veneers from Century Ply, Greenply or Merino. The colours and finishing of the doors can be chosen from a variety of options to match with other interiors. The door frames are made of Ivory Teak with melamine polish and hardware is from brands like Hettich, Hefele or Dorset.

Large Fenasta UPVC/Ivory Teak Windows with Melamine Polish

You can either choose Fenesta UPVC or Ivory Teak windows with Melamine Polish as per your requirement. Fenesta windows look elegant and add a lot of practical functionality. They reduce Air Conditioning costs, require low maintenance, provide sound insulation and prevent dust buildup. On the other hand, Ivory Teak windows look ultra premium.

Exceptional Design

Spellbinding Facades

A beautiful looking facade represents the vision of the family residing in the home. We make sure that the facade is designed according to your style and leaves a lasting impression on the guests and the passersby alike.

Prithu Homes

Highly Capable Team of Architects

Our team consists of some of the finest architects in Delhi NCR. They make sure that your home stands out, not just in terms of design but also its functionality and usefulness for your family. You can take a look at our exceptional team here.

All-Day Light and Ventilation

We design customized floor plans for all our clients to allow maximum light and ventilation in their homes. Most of our existing clients consider this to be our USP. You can go through some of the customer stories here. In the past, we have designed layouts which allow light in almost all areas of the homes even in dense localities.

Structures that last for Generations

Structural Design as per IS Codes

The structures of all our homes are designed according to the IS codes by renowned structural consultants. A proper structural design ensures that the homes don’t develop cracks in the future, are earthquake resistant, along with many other major benefits.

Prithu Homes
Prithu Homes

Deeper Foundations

The foundations of all our homes go to the depth of 7 to 8 ft. This results in a safer & stronger structure. Usually, the foundations of most of the houses in Delhi NCR are dug up to 4 to 5 ft only.

Soil Testing

In most international markets soil testing takes place in the first stages of building a home. Even though the practice is not prevalent in India, we conduct Soil Testing on all the plots to ensure the safety of your home in the future. It tells us if there are any chemical or physical conditions on the site that might damage your house, how much the soil is likely to expand and contract, etc.

Prithu Homes
Prithu Homes

Use of Ready Mix Concrete

We only use Ready Mix Concrete for the construction while most of the other houses in Delhi NCR are built with site-mix concrete. Branded RMC is produced in factories using computerized machining and goes through predefined tests, ensuring consistency in quality. RMC also requires approximately 50% lesser time compared to Site-Mix concrete. On the other hand, the consistency of site-mix concrete depends on the skill of the workers and the quality is hard to maintain.

Protection against Seepage

Flexible pipes prevent seepage

We use Jindal MLC pipes which can be bent easily at different angles unlike CPVC pipes which cannot be bent and require joints for changing direction of water. Due to lesser number of joints chances of leakage/seepage is very low.

Waterproofing from Dr. Fixit

Waterproofing should be done in the construction phase itself for best results. We use solutions from premium brands such as Dr. Fixit to give you complete peace of mind against seepage. Waterproofing is done on terrace, bathrooms, kitchens, underground water tanks and basement.

5 year warranty against Seepage

Waterproofing, Jinal MLC pipes, properly planned plumbing, etc. ensures that you don’t have to deal with seepage in your house. Still, to give you complete peace of mind we give you a warranty against seepage for 5 years after the home is delivered.

Protection against Fire

Fire Safe - FRLS Wires

We use Fire Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS) wires from Finolex in the electrical fittings. Usually, during house fires most of the casualties are caused by the smoke rather than the fire themselves. The special PVC coating on the wires emits minimum smoke and toxic gases reducing the risks to health. The coating also restricts the fire from spreading even at high temperatures.

Prithu Homes

Separate Conduits for Power and Light

We put power and light wires in different conduits. Similarly, wires of Geysers and Air Conditioners are put in separate conduits to reduce the chances of short-circuiting due to the wires getting heated. This ensures the safety of your house against short circuiting.

Wires as per IS codes

Prithu Homes

The size of the electrical wires are carefully planned according and documented in electrical drawings. These drawings are created in the planning stage of the home, even before the construction starts. The wire size is as per the IS codes and is based on the appliances which would be used in your home.

Materials from Top Brands only

Branded materials come with standard specifications and require least human involvement which reduces the chances of errors.  From Ready Mix Concrete to Windows, every material or product used in construction is from the best brands. We use materials from brands such as Kohler, Hettich, Hafele, Fenesta, Saint Gobain, Asian Paints, Fosroc, Anchor, Jindal, Finolex, Astral, etc.

Prithu Homes

Increased Ease of Living

Linear Shower Drains

Design of traditional, round shower drains in the bathroom corner involves a lot of  construction related issues and you’ll often see water accumulated in the bathrooms with such drains. Linear drains are easier to build, prevent water accumulation and allow room for creative and elegant designs.

Prithu Homes

Large Windows

We use large Fenasta windows everywhere in the homes which allow natural light throughout the day. Be it the kitchen, living room or the bedrooms the usage of electrical lights will be minimum in daytime.

Anti-termite treatment

Termites can be causing a lot of damage to your house for years before you even notice it. Anti-termite treatment is always a good investment for a tension-free life later on. Therefore, all our homes go through a pre-construction anti-termite treatment which creates a chemical barrier between the home and the termites.

Fully Transparent Construction Cost Calculation

Once you approve the final floor plans created by our architects, we calculate the total cost of construction for your home based on the areas. The calculations are based on well-documented procedures and you will be explained each and every aspect of the same.

Cost Breakup

Covered Area at

Rs 2000* / sq. ft.

Half Covered Area at

Rs 1400*/sq. ft.

Basement at

Rs 1800*/sq. ft

*The Areas are calculated as per drawings.

*In case the total built up area is less than 5000 sq. ft. then the cost will increase by 5%.

*Plus GST at 12%.

Transparent & Convenient Payment Plan

Stage-wise payment as per the work done

All core essentials are covered with the above specifications.

Add to the Style and Functionality with these additional fittings

Modular Kitchen

Gone are the days when kitchens were just designed to provide good functionality. Today, kitchens play an important part in the overall décor of the homes. Good aesthetics of the kitchen are just as important as the functionality. You can easily upgrade to Modular Kitchens with Prithu and make your kitchen a talking point among the guests.

Italian Marble

Flooring is among the first things that attracts attention as soon as someone enters your home. Create an everlasting impression on the guests by upgrading to Italian Marble with Prithu. Italian Marble adds luxurious elegance to the homes and makes flooring more durable.


We take into account your family’s storage requirements from individual rooms while designing the wardrobes. You can choose from a variety of shutter and layout designs based on your needs and style.

Lights, Fans, ACs and Other Electricals

For a true Hassle-Free home building experience you can opt for electricals such as  Lights, Fans, Air-Conditioners, Geysers, Motors, etc. with Prithu. In this case we will handle both, procurement and installation of the electricals and provide the warranty to you. You will get all the electricals at better prices than the market and a ready-to-move-in home as the installation is taken care of during the construction phase itself.

Prithu Promises

14 Months Delivery Guarantee

The never-ending wait of getting the home built and delivered on time kills half of the excitement in people. Meanwhile, the cost of living in a rented house keeps on adding up. To avoid this, we give a contract-bound, 14 Months Home Delivery Guarantee from the date of start of construction.


Hassle Free Home Construction

We understand that home building can be a difficult journey for any family. Finding a great architect, a perfect contractor, adhering to all legal requirements, etc. can take up a lot of your time. We make sure that you do not have to worry about all these things and your home building journey is a hassle-free one.

Homes with Warranty

Our role doesn’t end even after the home is delivered to you. Even though we build our homes with top notch quality and technology, it might require some maintenance after a while. Therefore, we give a 10-year warranty on structure, 5-year warranty on seepage and a 1-year general warranty.


All Home Essentials Covered at Best Prices!

Meet with our Home Consultants to clear all your doubts!

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