How to Build a Home in Delhi NCR While Being Away

01/09/2021 | Written by : Prithu Homes

It is a universally acknowledged fact that home is where your heart is. In the race of life though, one may find themselves far from home; you could be based outside your home country or be unable to move back and forth as a Non Resident Indian (NRI). This holds…


How to Calculate the Cost of House Construction in Delhi?

21/08/2021 | Written by : Prithu Homes

Building a dream home is on every person's checklist. There is always something to cherish about finding the right place to build the house of their imagination if centred at the national capital. The factors that help build your dream home may vary, but there is one department where everyone…


Making Home Construction Hassle-Free for NRIs

22/07/2021 | Written by : Prithu Homes

Owning a home is always a proud thing for every person. Especially for every NRI, who left their motherland to pursue a career, there's nothing quite like the feeling of owning a home, back home! So, are you looking for the Best NRI Developers in Delhi? Why Build A Home…


Fly Ash Bricks vs Red Bricks

09/11/2020 | Written by : Prithu Homes

When building a new home, a home owner has to make many choices in respect to the materials used on the site. One of them is to choose the type of brick to be used in constructing the home. In the market, two type of bricks are prominently available -…


Turnkey Partnerships with Prithu

24/07/2017 | Written by : Prithu Homes

The changing times makes it more and more appealing to convert your vacant plots or stand-alone residences in Delhi into build floor homes. However, home construction often includes various aspects that a layman property owner is not even aware of. There are a million little things to consider - conducting…


Collaborating with the right Developer

24/07/2017 | Written by : Prithu Homes

There was a time, not so long ago, when upscale neighbourhoods in Delhi would consist of neat rows of bungalows or private stand-alone residences. Lately, however, the skyrocketing property prices and high maintenance costs involved have led to a shift from this single-user trend in real estate. The contemporary urban…


Why Homes need professional foundations while construction?

08/02/2017 | Written by : Prithu Homes

  Almost every fortnight  media claims to have shortage of construction talent in India. Catchy headlines and exaggerated statistical numbers mislead to the assumption that projects under construction are dormant because of lack of skilled labour in this field.Although there are plenty of skilled bricklayers, lighting & flooring professionals and…


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