Right size Electrical Wirings to Ensure your Home’s safety

Sr. No.LoadSwitch/Socket (Amps.)Suggested single core size of copper cables (Sqmm.)
1Light electric loads less than 250W such as lamps, tubes, radio, etc.51.5
2Medium electric load between 250W to 1000W such as washing machines, refrigerators, iron, etc.52.5
3Heavy electric loads between 1000W to 3000W such as Geysers, air conditioners, etc. also sub-distribution board.154
4Sophisticated equipment such as computer.51.5
5Specific equipment working on battery on main power failure such as fax/answering machine.154
6Safety and protection equipment like alarms, etc.51.5
7Telecommunication equipment like telephone, fax, etc, as per applications.Telephone/Switchboard wire2 pair to 10 pair

All electricals are carefully planned in advance

The size of the electrical wires are carefully planned and documented in electrical drawings to ensure your home’s safety based on the appliances which can be used. These drawings are created in the planning stage of the home, even before the construction starts.

Planned Conduiting to avoid Short Circuit

Power and light wires in separate conduits for safety

We put power and light wires in different conduits. Similarly, wires of Geysers and Air Conditioners are put in  separate conduits to reduce the chances of short-circuiting due to the wires getting heated.

Future-ready wires to accommodate new generation Air Conditioners

Save on the costs and hassles of replacing the wiring when you upgrade your ACs in the future

We install 3 core, 2.5 mm wires  for Air Conditioner fittings in all our homes which essentially makes them ready to accept the new generation ‘Hot and Cold’ ACs when you choose to install them in the future.

Electrical fittings procured directly from companies

Electrical fittings procured directly from companies

All our electrical fittings are procured directly from companies and every bundle of fittings comes with test certificates which assure that they have gone through extensive tests at the factory and are completely safe.

Heavy grade conduits which don’t break under the concrete weight

Safety and life of the wires ensured through heavy grade conduits

There are three types of electrical conduits which are available in the market -- Light, Medium and Heavy. Light and medium grade conduits can break under the weight of the concrete when it is poured during the slab-casting process. We only use heavy grade conduits in our homes which don’t break and protect the wires from getting exposed to the concrete, thereby ensuring their safety and prolonging their life.