Fly Ash Bricks vs Red Bricks

fly ash vs red bricks

When building a new home, a home owner has to make many choices in respect to the materials used on the site. One of them is to choose the type of brick to be used in constructing the home. In the market, two type of bricks are prominently available – Fly Ash Bricks and Red Bricks. In this blog article, we will try to explain the difference between the two, Fly Ash vs Red Bricks so that you can make an informed decision.

Below are the 7 main differences between Fly Ash and Red Bricks:

Ash 1. How They Are Made?

Fly ash bricks are made from the mixture of fly ash, cement, sand, lime, and gypsum. Industries using coal as a fuel emits unwanted ash and smoke from which fly ash is produced. This fly ash is then used as a raw material for manufacture of bricks.

Red bricks are made by mixture of clay, sand, lime, iron oxide and magnesia. Sand from locally available natural soil is used for production of bricks.

2. Strength

Strength of red bricks can vary significantly but it is generally around 70-75 kg/cm2. Fly ash bricks have more consistency in their strength and they also have a similar compressive strength of 70-75 kg/cm2.

3. Quality Consistency

In the case of red bricks, the consistency in quality is not very high. In case of fly ash bricks, the quality is consistent if bought from a good vendor.


4. Thermal Insulation

When compared to red bricks, fly ash bricks absorb less heat which causes less heating of structures. Their thermal insulation is 20%-25% higher than that of red bricks. Thermal conductivity of Red Bricks is 0.6 – 1.0 W/m K while Fly Ash Bricks have a thermal conductivity of 0.3 – 0.4 W/m K.

5. Appearance/Wall Finish

Red bricks have an uneven appearance with one side smooth and one side rough,  requiring a layer of finishing to give out a smooth surface. On the other hand fly ash bricks have a smooth, even surface on both sides. Hence, they require less plastering for building work.

6. Environment Friendly

Manufacturing of red bricks requires extraction and exploitation of the topsoil which may or may not be replaced. Fly ash bricks, on the other hand, utilize a waste material for manufacturing and prove more environmentally friendly. The utilization of fly ash bricks results in conservation of natural resources as well as protection of environment.

7. Termite Resistance

Red bricks are made of clay and are more susceptible to termites. In the case of fly ash bricks, they are made of inorganic material and are resistant to termite infestation.

Turnkey Partnerships with Prithu

The changing times makes it more and more appealing to convert your vacant plots or stand-alone residences in Delhi into build floor homes. However, home construction often includes various aspects that a layman property owner is not even aware of. There are a million little things to consider – conducting soil tests and other site studies, consulting local byelaws, finding the right design and execution team, working out an effective work schedule, selecting and budgeting materials and fixtures – and they all have to be perfectly planned in the right sequence to achieve economy of time and money. Working with different sets of independent contractors often also means having to chase after different sets of labour and getting fleeced by individual contractors, consultants and vendors.

A company like Prithu has experienced in-house design and execution teams from the premium institutes of the country. They offer total supervision and responsibility of the turnkey project with a 14-month delivery promise. Many make the mistake of assuming that a partnership with such a company would be very expensive and their returns on the property investments would suffer. But this is far from the truth.

There are several reasons why turnkey partnerships with Prithu can be a more cost-effective alternative to working with small independent builders and contractors:

  • Prithu has in-house stand-by design and execution teams. This ensures smooth work progress and prevents additional expenses, like labour charges, caused due to delays.
  • We buy materials and fixtures in bulk, which reduces the purchase price. They are also sourced by professionals who are aware of the quality standards and the current market prices for goods and services, securing the best value for money deals
  • We supervise work keenly to ensure minimum waste of materials so that you do not end up paying for large amounts of scrap materials that cannot be used in your home
  • Comprehensive specifications of materials to be used and their costs are shared right from the beginning and factored into the quoted cost right from the beginning. Total cost of the turnkey project is transparent and fixed with no surprise additions with time
  • It is very common to hear stories of home constructions by contractors getting delayed by months beyond the deadline. The unfortunate client not only has to bear the cost of those delays but also ends up paying rent for their temporary accommodation for months more than intended. Prithu offers an incomparable on-time delivery promise of 14 months from the start of work so you never suffer through this.
  • Companies like Prithu aim to grow with the aid of positive reviews of their clientele. So you can be sure that they will use only high quality value for money materials that will reduce problems like damp, seepage, cracks in plaster and so on

Your home is a long-term investment and it is worth nothing if it does not stand the test of time. Prithu assures you a quality builder floor home construction of the highest standards that incurs the minimum maintenance costs as we only use premium materials and employ a highly experienced workforce. So collaborate with us and let us take on the challenges of execution while you simply take in the pleasures of your dream home in 14 months.


Collaborating with the right Developer

There was a time, not so long ago, when upscale neighbourhoods in Delhi would consist of neat rows of bungalows or private stand-alone residences. Lately, however, the skyrocketing property prices and high maintenance costs involved have led to a shift from this single-user trend in real estate. The contemporary urban solution to home construction is builder floor homes that are, at the same time, more affordable than a single residence and also more intimate than an apartment in a multi-storied building.

The sudden growth in the numbers of property owners looking to develop their land into builder floors has flooded the market with promoters who have neither the training nor the experience in design, construction and management. Sadly for the unsuspecting clients, many of them even lack the financial means to independently see a project through, using instead initial monetary incentives and fake promises to seal the deal but soon enough the property owner begins to experience the lapse between reality and expectations from the developer. Poor home designs, shoddy materials and delayed delivery of finished product are common woes most clients face. The lucrative offers in the initial stages often blind us to the problems of selling sub-standard builder floors and in the long run the property investor ends up on the losing side.

The double standards one may be forced to deal with calls for caution and carefulness. When deciding to convert your plot into a builder floor home, consider not only the incentives offered by the builder but also run a check on the builder before signing on the dotted line. Important things to keep in mind are:

  • Financial capabilities of the builder – they must have the resources to independently complete the project
  • Size and quality of the team – they must have on board adequate number of capable professionals equipped with the necessary tools to deliver on the project goals
  • Transparency of terms and deadlines – designs, materials, costs and targets should be clearly communicated to all concerned parties including the property owner
  • Feedback from previous clients – reach out to clients of completed collaborations to get a better idea of the quality and professionalism of the builder

At Prithu, the focus is on an equal collaborative partnership between the property owner and the builder. Working with Prithu you can be sure that:

  • The builder floor design, construction cost and profit margin are discussed openly and stated clearly and transparently in the contract
  • The home construction has an on-time delivery promise of 14 months as construction at Prithu proceeds on the company’s finances and not waiting on the marketing/booking/selling of units
  • The finished product is true to the promised product with no compromise on quality of materials, fittings and fixtures and is sure to command a high rental value
  • The communication between you and the developer is effortless at all stages

The aim of Prithu is to not only build homes but lasting relationships with the homeowners so partner with us to convert your residential plot into a builder floor home and let us prove the old saying “never mix business and pleasure” wrong.

Why Homes need professional foundations while construction?

Almost every fortnight  media claims to have shortage of construction talent in India. Catchy headlines and exaggerated statistical numbers mislead to the assumption that projects under construction are dormant because of lack of skilled labour in this field.Although there are plenty of skilled bricklayers, lighting & flooring professionals and carpenters around, locating and choosing the best ones work with is the main problem. So, why the whole myth on shortage of construction professionals then?

In an expert’s opinion, the skilled personnel are already here. In fact, many have left the industry because of the penny-pinched  payouts by commercial contractors (a.k.a the lalas)  and house-builders (a.k.a so called top builder companies). The country’s central hub, Delhi NCR has been suffering such shortcomings. It has its ups and downs however the reason behind cannot be tagged onto shortage in the talent pool. It is the aching gap between these organisations’ ethics towards it employees.

This gap can be dodged by working with a professional construction organisation that are not just transparent to their customers but also to their construction team. Most of the builders work with contract labour and civil engineers, which in a professional organisation will not be cheated and hence will never leave their task incomplete. Many a times, unions and movements add roadblocks to this talent connect with the right team of builders.  Many, including skilled bricklayers, carpenters, roofers, plasterers, plumbers, heating engineers and electricians, have been looking for better pay. They seek for a stable and steady work expectations. Therefore, working with a  professional regardless if its an organisation or an individual is coercive towards their delivery and agreements and would accommodate better talent.

Simply hire the right partner with an integrated offering:

Hire a builder which provides  an integrated offering across multiple fields such as engineering, design, architecture, planning, compliance, etc.  This form of a structured offering can be hard to find. However, some research can take one long way into a better home building journey. A professional organisation usually do not subcontract to other professionals rather have an in-house team that step into their roles with magnifying glasses, they transform a very personal journey to become a delivery oriented professional mechanism. While other continue subcontracting, the work to different professional teams which creates a lot of problem in scheduling and maintaining basic communication & collaboration among  them. This adds a lot of variables to the equation of home building which with time turn into bottlenecks disturbing the whole timeline.  On the other hand, if a professional organisation is opted for they have all inclusive team which brings about a divine synergy into the work. Eventually the process between the partner and home maker becomes extremely smooth & homes get constructed as well as delivered  on time. The mechanism will involve compliance in a step wise layout, where land, property, material certifications and approvals will be handled extensively. Ingrain standardisation of various approvals will be in the pipeline throughout the home making journey. Hence the home or plot owner will never have to fall in any legal issues in context to their home. Finally, the client receives a complete hassle free experience in its true form.

The key advice here is to not to be put off by media scaremongering instead one must to make the right choice while finding a partner to construct a home on the plot. Pursue your dream home building, and wherever possible employ skilled labour on a firm fixed price. Work against escalations, against any delay in the paper work as well as delivery. It is as simple as connecting with our experts available. Tell us what you think and share your experiences by commenting below. If you think you are ready for the skilled building partners then you could find us here.