The importance of On-Time Delivery for your home construction

There is much truth in the age-old saying, “home is where the heart is”. Your home is not just
a collection of rooms, but a space within which memories have been created and collected
over generations. It is never easy to let go of that home in favour of new builder floor home
constructions. As if it isn’t bad enough to have to give up the family home and relocate while
the new building is constructed, most property owners suffer endlessly at the mercy of the
hollow promises of the builder regarding delivery time of the completed project.

Most builders are hesitant to contractually commit to a project delivery time with penalties for
cases of delay in handover. The standard practice is to win plot collaboration partnerships
with a lump sum amount to the owner at the beginning and then wait to secure finances for
the project via bookings. This leads to delay in payments for goods and services, which in
turn stalls the work progress. As a result, the delivery time keeps extending till all bookings
are finalised and money is secured to finance the project. The stress and agitation caused
will be passed off as an inevitable part of the process.

It is quite easy for the novice property owner to not give much importance to the delivery
time promise when generous sums of money are offered in the initial stages. One assumes
this would be a lucrative deal as the margin of delay could only be minimal as compared to
the financial gains of a large settlement. It is the simplest error to make, yet one of the most
regrettable as the repercussions of a move-in delay are many. Remember, time is money.
Rebuilding your existing home requires a lot of pre-planning. Most commonly, a temporary
residence has to be rented. In cases of unforeseen delays one has to undergo the hassle of
extension of rental contracts, not to mention extra rent payable month after month till your
new home is ready. Not only this, your whole family’s routine is upset as you are often forced
to relocate to a different locality and live with the limitations of a temporary home.
Additionally, any interiors work planned independently for your home is also stalled until
handover. Such uncertainty also makes it impossible to plan for future family events,
functions, vacations, etc.

The builder undertaking a project should have the necessary funds to execute the plot
collaboration project as promised to the client independent of revenue from sale of future
units. This ensures steady flow of payments for all stages of work on the building, making
sure the work progress is on-track. If the contract clearly states a penalty clause for delays
the property owner can rest assured that the builder will do his best to ensure on-time
delivery to safeguard both his money and his reputation.
In Prithu, we have a clear contractual 14-month delivery promise. We guarantee to have all
the funds necessary to deliver the completed house on time, regardless of the timeline of
bookings and sale of units. So don’t be penny wise and pound foolish, chose a builder who
commits to deliver your builder floor home construction on time and guarantee your peace of

How can you save yourself from being a victim of delayed home building process

How many times have you read in the newspaper about people waiting endlessly for the contractor or architect to complete building their homes? How many people do you personally know who were misled by the contractors regarding the correct date of delivery of their homes? If you follow the independent home building industry, even distantly, then you would know that delay in the home building process is one of the most notorious diseases the industry is infested with.

People have almost become comfortable with the fact that delay by the contractors is a universal phenomenon and is bound to happen and there is nothing they can do about. They couldn’t have been more wrong. The field of civil engineering has been constantly evolving with each passing day, with state of the art technology & machinery supporting the processes involved in construction. At the same time if you take into account that project management too, as a practice, has leaped out of the old fashioned “pen and paper” approach and landed into the computers as simple, easy to use software then suddenly it becomes hard to fathom the fact that people still have to deal with the problems of delayed home building process.

If you minutely monitor any home construction process, the problem will boil down to the easy approach the contractors or architects take towards these projects. These contractors don’t care about the hard earned money which people invest in building their homes or the fact that they will still be paying the rent of their rented home till the time their new home is being built. Most of the times the delay in the the home construction projects is not caused due to any technical difficulties but rather due to general management problems such as slow speed of decision making, poor alliances & vendor relations, delay in third party consultation, unavailability of experienced labour, poor productivity of workers, improper communication and bad project management & scheduling efforts.

You can save yourself from the seemingly never ending wait of getting the keys to your newly built home by keeping in mind the following points while choosing the contractor or architect to build your new home with:

  • Ask your contractor/architect to sign an agreement: It’s always beneficial to do a background check on the contractor/architect. Check for the time taken by them to deliver their past projects. It’s even better to talk to their past clients. Ask the contractor if they are willing to sign an agreement regarding the due date of the delivery of the house. You can ask for compensation from the contractor if the possession of the home is delayed after the stipulated date.
  • Meet with the project management team: It will be better if the contractor has a proper project management system and a team in place. This will minimize the chances of improper project management efforts from the contractor’s side. Meet with the project management team and get an idea about how they manage the home construction timelines, whether they have a software in place to do so or do they follow the old school approach of an experienced professional overlooking the whole process.  
  • Hire a contractor/architect which provides you an integrated offering: Its always better to hire a contractor or architect which provides you an integrated offering across multiple fields such as engineering, design, architecture, planning, compliance, etc. It’s can be hard to find a contractor or architect like this as they usually like to subcontract most of such work to other professionals rather than having an in-house team, or worse, don’t take professional help at all. Sub-contracting the work to different professional teams creates a lot of problem in scheduling and maintaining proper communication & collaboration between them. It adds a lot of variables to the equation of home building which with time turn into bottlenecks disturbing the whole timeline.  On the other hand, if a contractor has an all inclusive team it brings about a divine synergy where the work is smooth & on time and the client receives a complete hassle free experience in its true form.
  • Hire a contractor/architect which handles government approvals: Believe it or not, but getting all the relevant approvals from the government and complete proper documentation, in itself, can be a real time consuming task which can delay your home building process if you have to do it yourself. It’s always better if your contractor can do this for you. This will save your much coveted personal time and your home building process can start on time.

We sincerely hope that following these points which save you from being the victims of the horrendous ordeal of waiting to shift to your newly built home of your dreams. We know that no list is perfect and all inclusive. If you have any points which you want to add to these then you can post those in the comments below, if we like them we will add them to the list. You can also share your own experiences or of those you know who have gone through or are going through similar problems.

5 phases of home building process and the emotions associated with them

Building a home for themselves is one of the most complex and important tasks that a person undertakes in his lifetime. In fact, all throughout the world, especially in India, a person is not considered to be successful till the time he has a home of his own. Some people like to take the seemingly easy route towards this aim, by buying a flat. This route can be termed as easy but at the same time provides limited possibilities with respect to the amount of customizability and personality infusion that can be done. People who are more adventurous by nature and like to see things exactly how they want it, choose the path of building their own home. Building your own home gives you a lot of freedom, having to start practically from scratch, you can do as much research as you want, get customized floor plan made to suit your requirements, get you own façade designed to show your personality, get the interiors done to show your style and taste in things, and then you can drill deep down into the details of all of these aspects till the time you don’t see a home about which you have always dreamed of.

The whole journey of building a home is usually a very emotionally charged time for any family. The rush of emotions can be felt on both the positive and negative side of the spectrum. Whether the emotions will be dominantly positive or negative is more or less dependent on the performance of the builder.

Let’s dive deep down and understand how the emotions change with each phase of the home building process:


  • Finding a builder: This phase is marked by a lot of anxiety regarding how to choose the correct building partner to build your home with. In the current times when people are getting more aware through internet, newspapers and other sources regarding prevalent wrong-doings in the industry choosing a right builder can be tough on your emotions. People slowly develop trust issues and start treating the builders with scepticism and rightly so. Try to find a builder who can complete your home on time, who is transparent, who keeps quality of work above everything else, gives you the best value for your money and to sum it all provides you a complete hassle free experience, so that your anxiety doesn’t continue with you throughout your home building journey.
  • Signing of Contract: After you’ve chosen your builder, comes the time to sign the contract and this is the time when the emotion of apprehension runs high. You start to revisit all the steps you have taken till now, do a double check on them to see if you’ve missed out on any point. To calm your fidgetiness, you might call your close relatives and discuss your decisions with them. To try and get a second opinion you would want to visit other builders at the last moment just to be sure. All these things are very understandable because it’s a very hard decision to trust someone else with your hard earned money, when you can’t even confidently visualize how the end result is going to be. As a solution to this you should choose your builder who discusses with you in minute details of how your future home is going to look like. Choose a builder who spends time with you to understand your needs, taste and lifestyle and then recommends the best of the options to you. Choose a builder who goes in lengths to visually show you all of those recommendations so that you are ever so sure regarding the future look of your home.
  • Construction of home: This is perhaps the most intensive phase of the home building timeline both for the builder and for the family. While the builder will be busy in making sure that every process is adhering to a timeline, proper communication is being maintained between different vendors, material is arriving on time, etc. (considering your builder is good), you will have your own set of anxieties during this time like whether the builder is doing a good job or not, whether he is using the correct brand of material which was promised, whether the structure will be strong or not and to sum it all whether or not your new home will even closely resemble the home from your dreams.
  • Interiors & Finishing: This is the phase when your under construction house starts its transition into your dream home. Also, this is the phase when people are the most uneasy and can’t stop themselves in getting involved with each and every step of the process. This phase is generally marked by excitement and anticipation regarding how life would be in the new home. People start to imagine where all the stuff will fit in and start dreaming about their future in the home. But if the builder is not doing the work as per the expectations then the feelings suddenly take a turn downwards. People start monitoring the process very closely, stress creeps in the family and people start to struggle managing their work life and at the same time monitoring the home closely. At this phase of the home building process it’s almost impossible to do anything about it, so you should always try and settle for a builder who provides you with the flexibility of an easy exit from the whole process at any time so that you can choose to stop if you don’t feel comfortable in continuing further with your builder.  
  • Handover of keys: This is the time when the sense of accomplishment kicks in. After all of the efforts you would have put in, after all site visits for monitoring the work, after all those sleepless nights of anticipation of whether your hard earned money is being used properly or not, comes the time when you can bear the fruits of all the hard work and stress. This is the time for grihapravesh and to show off your new house to the world, to meet the new neighbours and other rounds of festivities. But still you don’t generally get to see such feelings during the process of handover of the keys, the people are usually marginally satisfied, tired with a sigh of relief because hardly any builder delivers the completed home on time. It’s always better to choose a builder who promises on a fixed date of delivery of your new home and is willing to sign an agreement for the same so that you are on the safer side.

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