Construction Cost Calculator

Calculate Construction Cost (For plots in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida & Faridabad)

Use our construction cost calculator / estimator. From this calculator you can get a general idea about the home construction cost as per your approximate area of construction.

  • Actual price quote for your project may vary depending on your construction area, selections for finishing items.
  • If you are working with a specific budget, our consultants can work with you to customize the project configuration for achieving your budget
  • Construction Cost is for estimation purpose only. For exact quote, please schedule a meeting with our home consultant by calling at 9599818105.

Factors on which the home construction cost depends on

  • Total Built Up Area: The construction cost calculations for your plot will depend on the Covered Area, Half Covered Area, Basement and Open Area. The summation of these areas form the total built up area.

    Covered Area: It includes rooms, lift lobby, toilet, guard room,staircase, toilets, underground water tank, rain water harvesting pit, etc.

    Half Covered Area: It includes balcony area, sunken courtyard, area with slab but not enclosed by wall like car parking area, etc.

    Basement: It Includes retaining wall and staircase, lift shaft, lift lobby.

    Open Area: It includes area of shaft/courtyard on each floor, area which is open to sky including the terrace, non-load bearing chajja area on each floor, etc.

    All these areas further depend on the FAR Consumption. Some families consume the full FAR of the plot and build the maximum number of floors on their plot, others might just want to build the number of floors in which their family can live comfortably in.

  • Specifications of Interior and Exterior Finishing: The construction cost calculations of a home also largely depend on the specifications which a family chooses for their home according to their taste and requirements. This includes the kind of kitchen the family might opt for (Modular or Normal), the kind of flooring they like (Italian Marble or Ceramic Tiles), the quality of bathroom fittings, whether they like stone cladding on the facade or extensive grillwork, etc.

  • Quality/Brands of Construction Materials Used: Every material used in construction of a house comes in different qualities and from a variety of brands. After the quality parameters are met, it is usually the decision of the family, as to, which brand they would like to go for.

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