Harvest Rental Opportunities with Your Vacant Land Plots

27/10/2021 | Written by : Prithu Homes

Real estate investments can be tricky. At the onset itself, the decision to commit to property ownership is complex; add to that the stress of including optimum Return of Investment (ROI), and this becomes a more dynamic prospect. If you are the owner of a plot in Delhi and you…


The importance of On-Time Delivery for your home construction

26/07/2017 | Written by : Prithu Homes

There is much truth in the age-old saying, “home is where the heart is”. Your home is not just a collection of rooms, but a space within which memories have been created and collected over generations. It is never easy to let go of that home in favour of new…


How can you save yourself from being a victim of delayed home building process

08/02/2017 | Written by : Prithu Homes

How many times have you read in the newspaper about people waiting endlessly for the contractor or architect to complete building their homes? How many people do you personally know who were misled by the contractors regarding the correct date of delivery of their homes? If you follow the independent…


5 phases of home building process and the emotions associated with them

08/02/2017 | Written by : Prithu Homes

Building a home for themselves is one of the most complex and important tasks that a person undertakes in his lifetime. In fact, all throughout the world, especially in India, a person is not considered to be successful till the time he has a home of his own. Some people…


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