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How to Wisely Choose a Builder for Collaboration

28/09/2022 | Written by : Prithu Homes

Methods of home construction are evolving In Delhi and the NCR region. Most of the plots in Delhi get developed under the collaboration method. Why is it so - When plot owners don’t wish to invest in their plots; they collaborate with a builder for the home construction. However, selecting…


How to compare the price of two builders?

24/07/2022 | Written by : Prithu Homes

It is no surprise that the turnkey construction industry in the country is highly unorganized. Thus, plot owners find it challenging to find the right builder for their dream home. Every contractor quotes their price according to their specifications. Thus, it gets difficult for people to do a detailed comparison…


Analyzing the difference between Prithu's Price & Other Builder's price

24/07/2022 | Written by : Prithu Homes

When one plans to build a home, the first and foremost important decision in this journey is to know whether you want to build it yourself or appoint the builder. According to Prithu’s detailed analysis, building a home through a builder such as Prithu Homes can be around 15% less…


Wish to sell your builder floor? - Avoid the following mistakes

30/06/2022 | Written by : Prithu Homes

A builder floor built by Prithu, based in Gurgaon Let’s say you are a Prithu’s client, you have hired us to construct your new home, and you wish to sell one of the floors. For instance, if you are building a stilt plus four builder floors, you can sell the…


Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Real Estate Developer

27/07/2021 | Written by : Prithu Homes

“The best investment on earth is earth.” -Louis Glickman Are you planning to build your dream house, but not sure how to find the best real estate developer in your city? You have arrived at the right place. Building a home from scratch entails a lot of planning, research, verification…


Everyone has a goal or dream in their life in all of them, the most prases dream they have is to buy a house and build a property we need a lot of things Such as area, government permission and a lot of other things. Thus, a prithu developer gives you unlimited guidance and provides you with the best test and most beneficial investment of your life. However, what would be better than investing in your mother earth.
To elaborate, there are hurdles in the way of making a house one of the biggest hurdles is to get the permission of government authorities and they have to go through a lot of long prosses and see a bunch of people who give them bad advice. But we provide you with the best lawyers how to know what they are doing, people who take the services that prithu provides can relax and enjoy their dream comes true.
Many people have doubt about how can they trust prithu because they do not invest blindly they research, verify if it's met your criteria then proceed further. Therefore, many people have put their trust in prithu they have got the result and to make things safer the developer who is working on our project will be in regular contact.
Things that people consider and Prithu provides in their services research, competency of their developer, delivery tracking, approvals of the government, clarity in the price quotes etc. These are some things that have been provided by prithu. So, they are a well-trusted company by people.
Overall, many people have been using their services for a long time they are happy with that. Therefore, you can relax and stop searching for brokers! Start planning your dream house with the one-stop destination for customised Homes: Prithu Homes.

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