Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) Vs Site-Mix Concrete

Avoid inconsistencies in structure strength with Ready Mix Concrete

Branded RMC is produced in factories using computerized machining and goes through predefined tests, thereby ensuring consistency in quality.Just like no two people can have the same fingerprint, no two batches of site-mix concrete can have the same consistency.
FactorsRMCSite-Mix Concrete
ConsistencyThe concrete is consistent since it’s produced in factories through computerised machining.Fairly difficult to achieve consistency since its manually mixed on site.
Time SpentRequires approximately 50% less time compared to Site Mix.Requires approximately 50% more time compared to RMC
QualityFinal output from the product is of perfect quality as manufacturing is done through IS codes and cube testing is done on site.Difficult to control the quality of final output as it’s difficult to measure and maintain quality of input materials.

Ready Mix Plaster Vs Site Made Plaster

Ensure the strength of the walls with Ready Mix Plaster

Just like ready mix concrete, ready mix plaster too comes in bags from factories and is produced through computerised process to ensure consistency in the product. After the production each batch of ready mix plaster goes through quality tests which ensures strength of the wall is according to the structural design and is not inconsistent  like site-made plaster.

Curing Compound Vs Tarai

Manual process of Tarai replaced by factory made Curing Compound

Using curing compound on  concrete structures replaces the traditional process of tarai where water is sprinkled on the concrete for 7-15 days. Tarai causes quality inconsistencies being a manual process with no quality specifications defined. We use high quality curing compound to preserve the moisture in concrete so that it obtains its required strength planned during structure design.

AAC Blocks Vs Red Bricks

AAC Blocks, the new revolution in Indian construction industry.

AAC blocks perform far better when compared to the traditional red bricks in almost all the factors like strength, durability and greater resistance to temperature, sound, termites, water, etc.
FactorsAAC BlocksRed Bricks
Project Costs and TimeProjects costs and time are lower when using AAC Blocks.Project costs and time, both are higher when compared to AAC blocks.
Thermal Insulation (Energy Savings)AAC blocks provide better thermal insulation. Home interiors remain cool in summers and warm in winters. Therefore, you save on the air conditioning costs.Red bricks don’t provide as much thermal insulation as AAC blocks.
Termite ControlAAC blocks are made from inorganic materials which helps to avoid termites.Red bricks are made from organic materials and therefore don’t provide any protection from termites.