Frequently Asked Questions

Building a home is one of the biggest emotional and financial investments for anyone. To build a home, there are several choices that the plot owner has. So, a very valid and common question that we are asked is what makes a home built by Prithu different? Here is a compilation of an indicative list of aspects that make a Prithu home different.

We build homes on residential plots in Delhi NCR. We are the only corporate and professional builder in the builder floor market.

We work with owners looking to either build on their vacant residential plots or demolish and rebuild their homes in Delhi NCR.

Dalmia Bharat family is a shareholder in Prithu Homes. Prithu is part of the Dalmia Bharat family, owners of Dalmia Bharat - a listed company with Rs. 8,000+ cr. market cap and one of the largest cement manufacturers in India.

We are currently operating in the Delhi NCR region. Specifically- Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Faridabad.

We organize ‘Open Homes’ for our finished homes regularly. Please sign up here to receive information regarding the next open home.

We have an in-house team of architects, construction professionals, and liaisons - with more than 40 years of total experience with companies like L&T, Unitech, 3C, Lotus Green, etc., and educational background at institutes like IIM, IIT, SPA, etc. All core functions like design, civil & liaisoning/ approvals are handled by in-house professionals. There are various functions for which the services of third-party specialists and consultants are deployed with strict internal benchmarking and control by our in-house team.

Yes, we do Turnkey construction for projects in NCR where the contract value is, depending on the size, approx. 80 Lakh to 1 Cr and above. We take up turnkey construction projects and provide an end-to-end solution including Approvals, Design, Construction, and Finishing. For outside of Delhi NCR, we evaluate and reach the decision on a case-to-case basis.

Yes, depending upon the size of the plot and area, we take up such projects.

In case the homeowners have a layout ready by a professional architect beforehand, Prithu can construct for the homeowners post all internal checks for MCD Bye laws, structural and services consultants, and other feasibility checks. The Minimum Turnkey Contract value, however, should not be less than 1.5 Cr INR.

Our design steps are as follows:

  1. We start with a design brief for the floor plan.
  2. Floor plan option is shared. Post iterations, it is finalised.
  3. Once the floor plan is finalised, then work starts in parallel on approval drawings, structure drawings, services drawings and elevation.
  4. Construction work starts. In parallel, drawings work continue for false ceiling, kitchen design etc. Also, selections of the material also happen.

Quality is controlled by a holistic approach at Prithu, which we refer to as TTW:

  1. Team - Experience & Professional Team from IIT, IIM, SPA, etc. with 40+ years of experience in the Real Estate industry.
  2. Technology - We use state-of-the-art, advanced techniques and technology; new Tools and Gadgets in each aspect of the home building process. Our focus on present-day and future best practices enables us to plan meticulously and execute accurately at the site level.
  3. Warranty - We only developer providing 10 years of warranty on our Structure and a 3-year warranty on seepage. T&C apply.

We are perhaps the only turnkey builder that provides design and execution certificates for structure, plumbing, and electrical. To back it up, we provide a warranty. You would have a regular meeting with the Construction Manager on-site to assess the quality of material as well as the quality of execution.

Any homeowner is always welcome to visit the site for physical verification of material. We also allow the owners to hire/ deploy third party engineers at their cost for quality checks during construction. If required, invoices for any material purchased and deployed at their site can be made available to the homeowners to confirm authenticity.

We probably are the only individual home developer who uses a third-party structure designer for planning, supervising, and verifying structure at the site along with a certificate. We use ‘P. Arora and Associate’- one of the biggest and renowned Structural designers in NCR with a 40 member team.

The cost of building a home depends upon various factors like scope of work, quality norms followed, way of working, etc. The understanding of one’s service and way of working is crucial in determining the price comparisons with relevant options. The difference in price will be due to the following reasons:

  1. Difference in scope of work.
  2. Difference in detailing, even for the same scope.
  3. Level of service which is not covered in specifications.

There would be options in the market which are cheaper than us as well as there will be options which will be expensive than us. For the overall service we offer, we are the most competitive. And that’s what has made us the largest turnkey residential builder in NCR.

We can give you a very good idea of the total cost of your home. The total cost depends upon the scope of work, specifications, and selections. All these vary from client to client, there is no standard norm for this. Thus, we will need a 30-minute discussion with you to arrive at this. In this 30 minute discussion, we will share with you various options available and select an option that you might want to go for with the price. To know more and to get in touch with us, please fill this form.

Once the layout of the plot is finalised by the homeowner, the plans are put for approvals. The owners then hand over the plot for construction to Prithu. It takes 14 months from the handover of a plot to Prithu for construction till completion. This timeline includes demolition of the existing structure if any, approvals, civil structure and finishing.

A penalty clause is specified in each turnkey contract.

Once the layout plans for the plot are finalised by the owners and approved by the structure and services consultants, the plans are put for an online approval to the MCD post which a physical approval is sanctioned by the Authority. This process takes 3 to 5 weeks. Once the sanction plans are achieved, the Water and electricity meters are disconnected and a commercial metre for both is installed at the site for construction use by the DJB and BSES respectively. Once construction is complete, these commercial meters are disconnected and metres for residential use are reinstalled. On completion of construction, a completion certificate is applied for and achieved.

All Sanction Plans and Construction related approvals are processed at the local MCD Authority office. Other authorities involved are DJB, BSES, Colony RWA and Local police for their respective functions.

Yes, we provide a completion certificate for all our Projects. We expect the owners to acknowledge the implications of the completion certificate as it requires them to strictly follow the MCD bye laws.

Yes, we have an in-house team of experts who are competent in managing all the operations related to approvals and on-site coordination before commencement & during the entire course of construction. These operations include, but are not limited to, preparation & submission of drawing file, building plan approvals, water & electricity & completion certificate, local coordination with government departments like Municipality, Environment, Police, Malaria, Road & Transport, etc.

No, it is not required. We understand that since our NRI client’s physical presence is not possible during the entire course of approvals, our experts manage the entire work on their behalf reliably and ethically following the due process. The entire process is done, all while taking care of all the nuances, making it completely hassle-free for the owner.

At Prithu Homes, we can complete this process in any of two ways as per your preference:

  1. We will scan & email you all the required documents as and when required, which you need to print, sign, scan again & send over to us to complete the in-line formalities.
  2. You can provide us with the Power of Attorney, to allow us to take all the required approvals on your behalf & get the work done.

No, it is not essential for the owners to appoint someone on their behalf to coordinate & communicate with us, as we always remain in constant touch with all the stakeholders through multiple communication platforms which develops round the clock coordination with the owners and mitigates the necessity of your on-site physical presence

The design and architecture stage can be accomplished through our virtual connectivity platforms like video conferencing, email, WhatsApp, etc. Every aspect of the design process e.g. initial collaborative briefing from owners, floor plan sharing, regular feedback, iteration, modifications, finalization & agreement on the floor plans happens seamlessly over the electronic communication. Therefore, the physical location of the client will hardly be a challenge in our collective goal of delivering your dream home to you. We are already working with several NRI clients for their homes through virtual connectivity platforms.

We, at Prithu homes, have embedded transparency in our work culture and therefore we prefer that all the communication viz. answering your queries, coordination on day to day developments, documents sharing, project related updates are done on client-centred WhatsApp groups to avoid any communication gap, error or delay.

For example, our Client Support team at the very initial stage creates a client whatsapp group having all the stakeholders from your side along with our managers & heads from all the relevant departments on board to bring a transparent and easily accessible atmosphere for lucid communication.

All these group communications are being constantly supervised personally by our CEO & COO to assure all of your requirements are being met as per your satisfaction.

All the communication, relating to construction status & update is shared weekly with the owners through a WhatsApp group. The group wIll have all the stakeholders from the client’s side and our managers from all related departments who will share updates, relevant information and solutions for all the client’s follow-up queries.

Yes, at Prithu Homes we make sure that all site-related development updates are shared with our clients at regular intervals. This will help the client watch the construction at any time suiting their availability. However, in order to make it more accessible for our clients to access the live feed of our construction activity, we would be happy to offer the same under our add-on package.

Being NRI home builders, we would like to make all decision-making easy and fast for our homeowners. As part of our home construction services, we have put together a series of catalogues with curated selections and recommendations for most of the decisions you will be taking during the course of constructing your dream home. These contemporary state-of-art home ideas have helped our clients to filter their choices at their comfort sitting in any part of the world.

To know more about our catalogues, please click here.

Yes, at Prithu Homes we follow a set of established quality standards and procedures adhering to relevant codes and best practices for Civil Structure, Electrical & Plumbing work. This instils confidence in our clients so they do not have to be concerned about the quality of material used during the entire construction process.

All the written processes, documented workflows, work checklists, periodic work schedules & GFC (Good for Construction) drawings issued by our Architects are strictly followed at the site to assure the best quality & execution of work. In addition, we have our in-house independent team of experts in electrical, plumbing, fabrication, marble, woodwork, finishing work, etc. who conducts regular quality checks on-site during the course of construction.

Finally, our warranty team also undertakes an independent quality review of the project before we reach the final handover stage. This multi-layered approach to quality checks ensures that we deliver quality homes to our clients.

We also incorporate technical solutions like underslung plumbing, separate conduits, usage of curing compound & cover blocks to ensure efficient execution with minimal maintenance of your house.

We feel pride in showcasing the work we have done, however keeping in view the security and privacy, we cannot share the actual location of the projects with our clients. Nonetheless, we have showcased some of our Customer's stories, testimonials and project photos on our Website along with their walkthrough videos on our YouTube Channel.

We understand your need to get “in-person” feedback from our past clients. To facilitate your request, we have uploaded our client’s experience videos and testimonials on our Youtube Channel and if required, we can arrange for a meeting/ discussion for you on mutually agreeable terms.

Yes, we are glad to inform you that we do have NRI clients in countries like the U.S.A., U.K., Australia, and the Middle-east.

We are currently operating in the Delhi NCR region and have construction happening across Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad.

FAR or floor area ratio is the ratio of the gross floor area, that is the building’s total floor area, to the plot area, that is the piece of land, on which the building is constructed. Therefore, the formula can be written as: FAR = gross floor area/area of the plot. FAR guidelines can differ from one locality to another and are decided by the municipalities.

We understand that it is crucial for you to accurately decide the building design and structure. Thus, we can help answer your query depending on the plot size. Kindly fill this form to calculate the FAR.

The basement area for each plot is calculated using Plot dimensions and setback norms for that plot size as per MCD bye laws. We would be happy to calculate the exact area for your plot based on the above 2 parameters if and when provided to us. Please click here to get in touch with us.

All images shown are the real photographs or renderings of our projects. Prithu Homes has the right to change any information anytime without prior intimation. Please check for the latest applicable details before the signing of the agreement. All features or aspects mentioned may not be part of the standard offering. The renders shown for this project are subject to change as we work on final concepts and drawings.

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