FAR for farcity sq yards in New Delhi is 0 sq feet


Plot Size City
FAR factor as per local bye laws
Building Height allowed
Maximum No. of Floors allowed(excluding Stilt & basement)
Number of dwelling Units
Ground Coverage permitted
Maximum FAR permitted
Exclusions from FAR* ● Balconies ● Stilt parking
● Basement ● Lift shaft
● Mumty
(*This list is not exhaustive and certain areas may get added during finalisation of drawings)



Total Covered Area of All Floors *100 / Total plot Area

Ground Coverage

The portion of the building within the outer surface of the structural wall/column/slab measured at ground level excluding the projection/balcony/canopy/porch/void/shaft/ permitted free from FAR and cladding/curtain wall up to 150mm shall be considered as ground coverage.

Measurement of Height of a building

The vertical distance in the case of flat roofs is measured from the highest surrounding road level/ ground level up to the top of structural slab. Incase If the building does not abut on a street, the height shall be measured from the highest level of the ground immediately adjacent to the building.

Dwelling Unit

Each Unit with at least 1 Kitchen and 1 bathroom will be treated as one Dwelling Unit