Welcome to Prithu Homes

We are Delhi NCR’s largest constructors of customised homes and villas!

Many people do not have a lot of time on their hands to check on their construction work or check on the progress. Thus, Prithu Homes have constructed an application to bring easy communication and daily updates on your work right at your fingertips, no matter where you might be in the comfort of our shared Home, Planet Earth. It also gives you an overall view of the Management and a number of Services, such as buying plots, designs, materials etc. The cherry on the top is a Customization Option for our customers so we can provide their Sapno ka Ghar.

Prithu helps you with every kind of thing as mentioned earlier buying plots, designs and etc. but even more illustrative is that we assure and provide you with the best kind of architectural designs! In a way, this application gives you access to the Technical Designing System to construct your dream house and provide you with a more comfortable lifestyle.

The app also gives you a spoonful of knowledge in this field. It is difficult to build a house without this: you’ll always have to consider the budget, area, contractors and offer that has been given to you. Our App provides you with Calculators for these, and also many other Interior Guides to choose from, right under your fingertips!

Prithu provides you with an application that’ll make you lay on your couch, relax and see your house Design + Build. Enjoy & experience Home Construction in a hassle-free manner, without any stress or making anything difficult. Your house is going to stay the same and you’ll be thanked by it for a decade to come!

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