India’s First Home Design and Build Studio

Prithu has created a special space where you can come in and select the interiors of their home. Therefore, your  family is saved from the hassles of visiting different vendors. For example there is no need to visit multiple vendors for selecting Italian marble because we’ve got the samples of the best of marbles in our studio. Apart from the  marbles, you’ll have the ability to choose tile designs, wooden panel designs for your kitchen and much more from the comfort of our office and the expertise of our architects.

India’s First Interior Selection Software

Is your builder / contractor still showing you the old-fashioned, bulky catalogues for interior selection?

Say goodbye to the fear of choosing and investing in the wrong interiors of your home. Say goodbye to choosing the interiors through bulky catalogues. Visualize the interiors of your dream home through our in-house innovation The Interior Selection Software. Prithu’s interior selection software allows you to visualise your home on a computer before you even start building it. You can visualise the kind of flooring that will suit the interiors. Whether tiles will look good or Italian marble? What kind and colour of finishing should be present on the woodwork? What  combination of coloured tiles will look good in the bathrooms? What should be the panel colours in the modular kitchen? All of this and much more. Visualise the interiors of your dream home with just some clicks through our software.

India’s First Transparent Construction Cost calculator

If you don’t trust rough construction cost estimations by dierent builders / contractors then this is for you!

We don’t believe in giving a ballpark cost like other contractors or builders because ballpark figures without  specification details can be manipulated according to the builders’ benefit at later stages. Prithu’s construction cost calculator gives you the exact costing based on the specifications you choose so that you know what you’re paying for. You can choose how many floors you want in your home, what will be the configuration (BHK options), What all furnishing/appliances you want in your home, whether you want Italian marble or Kajaria tiles, what brand of fittings do you want in your home and much more. After your selections the calculator will give you the exact cost to build your home. This cost which is calculated through the Construction Cost Calculator remains constant and is never changed throughout the home building process. This is also mentioned in the Turnkey contract which we sign with you before we begin building your home to give you total assurance of our no cost escalation promise.

No more lags in communication with Prithu App

Prithu app works as a medium of communication between the Prithu team and it’s clients so that our clients are updated in real time about the progress of their work. All the architectural drawings are shared on the app itself and you can suggest changes, updates, etc. from within the app in the comfort of your home, saving you from the hassles of visiting our offices every now and then.