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200 drawing.jpg

200+ drawings

Detailed and comprehensive drawings running into more than 200 pages are issued for execution of work at site. Site constructs only on the basis of drawings reducing the chances of errors and misunderstanding. 

Electric car charging provision

When you decide to buy the electric car, you would not have to worry about the provision for the charging point in stilt.

electric car.jpg
two internet.jpg

Two internet connections

Considering how dependent our lives are on internet connection, we provision for two internet connections. So, you can take two different internet services, one acting as a backup for the other.

Overflow provision in underground tanks

In the unfortunate situation of overflow of water in the underground tank, we design an overflow pipe to guide the extra water to the rain water harvesting tank. To protect against the reverse flow, there is an NRV (Non return valve) installed.

curing chem.jpg

Curing chemical

Water based curing/ tarai on structure has been largely replaced by curing compounds in large projects like group housing projects of large national developers. It reduces wastage of water.

Wall thickness

We prefer wall thickness of 9 inch for external walls and those internal walls where concealed fittings and fixtures (like Cistern, diverter) are to be placed or niches are planned. 

wall thick.jpg
specefic quantity.jpg

Specific quality definition of bricks, sand, aggregate etc.

We have defined the quality criteria in a simple manner for unbranded products like bricks, sand, aggregate etc. to remove ambiguity.

Rain water harvesting

As a standard, we provide rain water harvesting in our homes. This ensures that rain water is not wasted in drains, but is used to increase the declining levels of underground water. This is done by making a rainwater harvesting pit. Rain water from the terrace and open areas is brought into this pit. Water gradually seeps into earth after filtration. In case of an excess water accumulation due to heavy rains etc, the excess is drained out through an overflow.

rain water.jpeg
better defined plateser.jpg

Better defined plaster ratio

Generally, plaster ratio is defined as the ratio of cement and sand/dust. We believe it should be defined as a ratio of cement, coarse sand and fine sand. Coarse sand gives it strength and fine sand gives it workability. So, they should be mixed in a certain ratio to get a balance between strength and workability.

Intrusion alarm system

Safety is a big concern in independent homes. Intrusion alarm systems are a very easy way to enhance safety. Once activated, if there is a window glass damage or forceful opening of a door or window, a hooter alarm is generated and sms alert is sent. To make maintenance easy, this is part of our warranty.

intrusion alarm system.jpg

Schedule a Meeting With Us

Prithu’s team is passionate about home-building journeys. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your queries. We’d love to chat with you, with no obligations involved. Let us know whether you prefer an in-person or a video meeting. We’d be happy to assist you. 

 All images shown are the real photographs or renderings of our projects. Prithu Homes has the right to change any information anytime without prior intimation. Please check for the latest applicable details before the signing of the agreement. All features or aspects mentioned may not be part of the standard offering. The renders shown for this project are subject to change as we work on final concepts and drawings.

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