Challenges faced by Homeowners

Getting a new home constructed might be an overwhelming experience. Following are few of the reasons accounting for the same :-

  • 1. One of the reasons behind it is that there are many decisions to be made at each step. E.g. when we look at the interior finish of a home – be it flooring, fittings, wall finishes, modular woodwork to name a few – there is such a wide range available in the market for each of them.
  • 2. Families take many months where they keep looking for inspiration (say from Instagram or Pinterest) or keep checking stores in the market.
  • 3. Many times family members have different views on what they want but they are not able to articulate it adequately to other members or everybody is not able to visualise the same image/design/concept.
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How we address this problem at Prithu?

  • 1. With the experience of designing almost 50 homes over the past few years, Prithu has been progressively working to address this problem. We provide you a curated set of options/designs which the family can look at and select what they like.
  • 2. It is similar to a catalogue that you see when you get your suit stitched or when you select a light from a catalogue. Such catalogues are available to you online so that the family can sit at home and make a decision.
  • 3. The option of doing custom design is available (in case you do not like the catalogue) and you can still visit the markets and select what you like. However, catalogues provide an easy option to begin with before you decide to go for the harder/more time consuming options!
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What does a typical catalogue from Prithu include?

A catalogue from Prithu is targeted to a specific selection decision e.g. flooring, false ceiling design, wall treatment/design, bathroom fitting, etc. It normally has three sections:

  • 1. A curated set of designs/options that customers can choose from as part of the standard offering from Prithu Homes. These options are, hence, available to customers who sign up to our ‘HomeEssential’ package at no extra cost.
  • 2. Add-on/Upgrade options: For an additional cost, clients can select more expensive options as well. E.g. instead of a plain cove one can go for a wooden finish in the false ceiling.
  • 3. Guidelines for doing a custom design or selecting options outside the catalogue.
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What benefits does it provide?

  • 1. Easy to visualise. Makes the selection process simple and hassle free.
  • 2. Transparent method to control the project budget. Since all the add-on/upgrade options are published with their current pricing, clients can themselves estimate the potential costs and make decisions that suit their taste and budget.
  • 3. Faster to execute. Custom designs take their own time and costs are calculated specific to the design. For an item selected from the catalogue we cut short this entire process and, hence, fasten up your home construction.
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Check out some of our catalogues (We have more than 100)

We regularly update the catalogues. So, please make a decision from the catalogue near to the date of requirement

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