Easy Process & Zero Troubles with Prithu.

We have made the whole process to build a house easy as a breeze for you. You just have to meet us and explain your requirements. We will take care of the rest. When you are investing your hard-earned money, you deserve a hassle-free house building experience. What we can offer:

Architectural Design, Construction, Approvals

Tension-free process

No false promises

14-months house delivery guarantee

Clear agreements with no hidden clauses

Zero price change after contract signing

Completely legal and transparent functioning

All houses with warranty

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We Outshine Our Competitors

You can research the market as much as you want but we’re confident that you won’t find any builder, contractor or architect who can build a house which is better in quality at a lesser price. If you are investing your hard-earned money to build your dream house, it’s always better to choose the best reliable builder.

Some key points to show how we are better

  • You have better control on project. We design and build according to your budget.
  • We are transparent, reliable, stable and professional.. All commitments are made in writing.
  • More than 80 full time employees.
  • Easy to check the quality of work on site, material used and progress of work on site.
  • Vast and diverse experience, Building homes on plots of all sizes - from 88 sq yds to 1100 sq yds.
  • Leading brands bought directly from companies at bulk prices. Benefits passed on to clients.
  • Less rework, wastage and downtime through better systems and processes.
  • 30+ families in last 12 months across Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad compared our prices and found that our price is best for the quality and service that they want.
  • Creating the right balance between price and quality. We invest more in core areas like structure, electrical, plumbing etc. to give strong, safe and low maintenance house for decades.
  • Weekly updates on construction progress and material received on site. Founders are directly involved if need be.
  • Our structure is as per IS codes and we openly invite anyone to inspect it and review the drawings.
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