J-Block, South Ex - 1

  • 300 sq. yards
  • Stilt + 4 Floors
  • 3BHK + Lounge
  • Construction Start: January , 2018
  • Completion: March , 2019

Project Description

This project is located in the J-Block of South Ex 1. It is built on a 300 sq. yards plot and has Stilt + 4 floors along with a basement. Each floor follows a 3BHK configuration. This is Prithu’s first project as Construction Company in South Ex.

There are many Construction Companies in South Ex but very few provide parking facilities in the stilt area. The stilt of this home can easily accommodate 8 cars. Each floor has 2 reserved parking spots which are independent of the other floors i.e. no interference from the neighbours if they want to park or take their car out.

The project is just a 5 minute walk away from the ring road and South Ex 1 market.


Construction Pictures

August , 2018

Formwork being laid to cast the 4th slab.

April , 2018

Basement construction in progress.

March , 2018

Rebar matrix being laid out and columns being erected in the basement.

February , 2018

An overview of the basement construction.

January , 2018

Excavation being done at the South Extension – 1 site. To ensure a stronger structure our foundations go up to the depth of 7-8 feet as compared to the general norm of 4-5 ft.

Floor Plans & Renders

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