Flexible Pipes Lesser joints No Seepage

Pipes which are flexible as a yogi

We use Jindal MLC pipes in plumbing which are produced with the latest German Technology. Jindal MLC pipes consist of an overlapped aluminium core with inner and outer layer of polyethylene (PE) which allow them to be flexible. This means that the pipes can be bent easily at different angles unlike CPVC pipes which cannot be bent and require a joint for changing direction. Due to lesser number of joints chance of leakage/seepage is very low.

Waterproofing solutions from Dr. Fixit

Your home remains dampness free while you enjoy the rain

Say goodbye to dampness in the rooms and save on maintenance cost after home delivery. For best results waterproofing should be done in the construction phase itself. We use waterproofing solutions from premium brands such as Dr. Fixit to give you complete peace of mind. Waterproofing is done on terrace, bathrooms, kitchens, underground water tanks and basement.

5 year warranty against Seepage

Peace of mind even after Home Delivery

Waterproofing, Jinal MLC pipes, properly planned plumbing, etc. ensures that you don’t have to deal with seepage in your house. Still, to give you complete peace of mind we give you a warranty against seepage for 5 years after the home is delivered.