Steel Based Shuttering Vs Ply Based Shuttering

Ply based shuttering for better surface finish of slab

We use ply based shuttering for slab casting even though it’s expensive because it gives better quality surface finish as compared to steel based shuttering. Most of the other builders use steel based shuttering because it can be used in multiple projects and thus they save money in the long run. Ply based shuttering has to be discarded after using a few times but we don’t like to compromise with the quality even if it means more investment from our side.

Shuttering oil for better slab finish

Shuttering oil from Forsoc, UK based company

We coat our stutterings with high-quality oil from a UK based company called Forsoc before the slab is casted, to get a good quality finish in the slab surface after shuttering is removed.

Use of Cover block during slab casting

Prevent exposure of rebars to the air

Cover blocks are used to lift the rebar matrix off the ground so that concrete may flow unhindered underneath the rebar matrix ensuring that no part of the rebar sags and gets exposed to the air which might lead to corrosion.