The First Step of Building a Home - Soil Testing

Even though in India soil testing is not prevalent, in most international markets it takes place in the first stages of building a new home and without a valid soil test report you won’t be even allowed to build a home at all.

So, how can your home be world class if you’re not following world class quality procedures?

Importance of Soil Testing

  • To ensure that there aren’t any chemical or physical conditions on the site that might damage your house.
  • To know how much the soil on the site is likely to move, expand and contract (normally as a result of changing moisture content).
  • To ensure that the structure is robust by clearly knowing how deep the foundation of the home has to be dug.

Structural design by renowned structural consultants

Ensure that your house is built to last for generations to come

The structures of our homes are designed by renowned structural consultants who are thoroughly experienced and work for clients like Ansal API, Parsvnath Developers Limited, CPWD, Tata Housing Development Company, Emaar MGF and other major developers.
A proper structural design of a home ensures that:
  • The homes don’t develop cracks in the later stages.
  • The homes are designed to be earthquake resistant
  • All the elements of the structure such as foundations, beams, columns, steel, etc.  are designed according to the IS codes.

Our foundations go deeper so that your home is safer and stronger

Our foundations go to the depths of 7-8 ft while the foundations of the usual builders / contractors go to the depths of 4-5 ft. This results in a safer & stronger home which is also future ready.