Our Turnkey Service includes


We take care of everything: Design + Construction + Approvals + Interiors + Neighbours


Fixed and pre-decided price for all the decisions that are required to build your home


Committed delivery timelines, else we pay a penalty


Warranty, up to 10 years


In Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad

Transparent and comprehensive scope of work


Our scope of work document is the most transparent and comprehensive document that you will ever find. This ensures that you know from the beginning what we are providing and what you are getting. It lists what work we will do, what material or brands we will use, the quality standards, payment plan, pricing and a lot more.

When you read it, you will see why our scope of work document is the most copied document by other builders and contractors.

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Design your home easily with our catalogues


Our team of architects and designers have put together a wide range of catalogues for you. They have been developed keeping in mind aesthetics, trends. maintenance, langevity and price.

You can browse through hundreds of options to select interior finishes and designs for your home.

See how our catalogues work

How does the journey start for Turnkey home construction


Floor plan is the first and perhaps, most crucial step in a journey to build home.

Our design team will develop a floor plan for you based on a design brief given by you.

Quality that you can track


Each site has a dedicated site incharge, who is a full time employee of Prithu. He applies upto 2000 checks, mostly with time-stamped supporting photographs using Prithu's tech platform.

Our clients can see all these checks with supporting photographs through our tech platform.

Material that you can track


• When a material is delivered at site, photographs with time stamp are uploaded on the Prithu Tech Platform

• You can see the photographs whenever you want

• This way you can be assured that material used is as per agreement and approved brands/ quality

Warranty you can rely on


Separate team for warranty


Online system to raise and track warranty query


Buy extended warranty for additional peace of mind

Our Home is Better for You


More comfort for you


Lesser or easier maintenance


Longer life of home


More peace of mind


Better looks and design

Well spread out payment plan


Just pay 2.5% to start building your home


The balance amount is paid as per milestones that are defined at the begining of each project


Each plan has 11 to 16 milestones depending on Number of slabs in a home

And our price is better


If you want to build your home by hiring an architect. appointing labour contractors and supplying material yourself, you will spend up to 15% extra compared to what you will pay to Prithu.

How Prithu saves you up to 15%

If you compare our price with your neighbourhood kay builder's price, you will also find our price to be better

Prithu Vs Neighbourhood builder Case study of price comparison

Easy to understand pricing


- inclusions defined in clear and simple terms.

- Price given on per sqft basis. So, as are increases or decreases revised prices can be calculated easily

- Differential pricing for different type of area (covered area, semi-covered area, open area and below ground area)

- Transparent volume discount as the project becomes bigger bringing economies of scale

Why is our price better?


Common query our clients ask us: How can your price be competitive with all your overheads of team and office?

Our price is competitive due to: -

- Since we are the largest builders, we get the best prices on materials and labour

- Lesser errors and rework during construction because of our highly experienced team.

- Lesser wastage due to better processes and value engineering.

- High investment in building the team and technology

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Know the team that will work with you


- Project Architect

- Construction Manager

- Approvals Manager

All team members are full-time, permanent employees of Prithu Homes

Prithu's team

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See a glimpse of the latest home delivered by us!

All images shown are the real photographs or renderings of our projects. Prithu Homes has the right to change any information anytime without prior intimation. Please check for the latest applicable details before the signing of the agreement. All features or aspects mentioned may not be part of the standard offering. The renders shown for this project are subject to change as we work on final concepts and drawings.

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