What Makes Prithu Homes Different?

Better compliance with good practices

Structure certificate

Perhaps, we are the only builder that issues a independent third party structure certificate for design as well as execution as per design on site.

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Cover block

Presence of cover block in a structure allows concrete to cover the steel from the 4 sides. Presence of this concrete prevents rusting of steel over time as chances of steel coming in touch with air reduces. We use proper cover blocks, instead of a make-shift arrangement like stone, pebble etc., to achieve this.

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Shuttering oil

When concrete is poured on slab, it can stick to the shuttering material. To prevent this from happening, a coat of oil is put on the shuttering material. We use proper shuttering oil instead of used mobil oil that we have seen in practice.

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Vertical plumbing stack

Once the brickwork and plaster is done, then vertical pipes for sewage, drainage and water supply should be installed. This helps in maintenance later. We have seen that generally builders erect the sewage and drainage pipes in the structure or brickwork.

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Tile flooring with spacers when exposed to sun

When tile flooring is exposed to sun, for example on terrace or on balcony, we recommend use of spacers between the tiles. Being exposed to external weather, expansion and contraction is more. Gap between tiles help in countering the negative impact of expansion and contraction.

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Rain water harvesting

As a standard, we provide rain water harvesting in our homes. This ensures that rain water is not wasted in drains, but is used to increase the declining levels of underground water. This is done by making a rainwater harvesting pit. Rain water from the terrace and open areas is brought into this pit. Water gradually seeps into earth after filtration. In case of an excess water accumulation due to heavy rains etc, the excess is drained out through an overflow.

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