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Longer life of home

Up to 100 mm PCC below the foundation and stilt flooring

PCC helps separate out the concrete in foundation from the earth, providing structural strength.

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Covering for vertical plumbing pipes

We cover the vertical plumbing pipes with a brick shaft or a WPC shaft in the areas where pipes are visible like bathroom, elevation, kitchen etc. For ease of maintenance, we design an aesthetic access panel of aluminium shutter with frosted glass. This also allows for change of pipe in future if required. Though expensive, this method is preferred over the common practice of burying the pipes in beams and brickwork. 

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Lintels on doors

We recommend casting on lintels above all doors, rather than installing door frames on beams.

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Ready-mix concrete (RMC)

For casting of slabs, we recommend use of factory made concrete rather than making concrete on site. Also, we procure RMC from leading brands as mentioned in our scope of work document. To know more about RMC, click here.

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Leading brands

All material that is used in making your home, is from one of the leading brands. This means longer life of each product and lesser chances of maintenance needs.

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Procurement of material directly from companies

As far as possible, we buy directly from companies rather than through the dealers or distributors in the market. Benefits are less chances of counterfeit or defective material, better prices and better technical support

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Structure certificate

Perhaps, we are the only builder that issues an independent third party structure certificate for design as well as execution as per design on site. To know more, click here.

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Cover block

Presence of cover block in a structure allows concrete to cover the steel from the 4 sides and prevents steel from rusting over time. We use proper cover blocks, instead of a make-shift arrangement like stone, pebble etc., to achieve this.

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Shuttering oil

When concrete is poured on slab, it can stick to the shuttering material. To prevent this from happening, a coat of oil is put on the shuttering material. We use proper shuttering oil instead of the used mobil oil that we have seen in practice.

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Vertical plumbing stack

Once the brickwork and plaster is done, then vertical pipes for sewage, drainage and water supply should be installed. This reduces future damage to structure and also helps in maintenance later. To know more, click here.

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