What Makes Prithu Homes Different?

Better Detailing

Shoulders in brick wall

Wherever a door or window is to be installed, we recommend a brick wall shoulder, as far as possible, so that door or window is installed on the wall rather than column. Also, it helps in installing door architraves aesthetically.

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Lintels on doors

We recommend casting on lintels above all doors, rather than installing door frames on beam.

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P-traps in the bathrooms

In bathroom drain, endeavour is to stop the entry of foul smell from the sewage and drainage pipes. P-trap helps in that. Generally it is in-built in WC, but it should be installed in the bathroom drain also.

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Mosquito mesh in windows

All our sliding windows and doors inside home come with a mosquito mesh as a default standard option.

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MS ladder to access mumty

As a default standard, all our homes have a MS ladder mounted on the mumty wall to access the mumty.

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Niches in bathrooms

As a standard, we provide for one or two niches on the wall in each bathroom. Niches are convenient to use as they are permanent fixtures and unlike other bathroom accessories, they don’t project out.

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Coping on parapet walls

On top of the parapet walls on the terrace, we do cement coping. Water accumulates on top of parapet and plaster level cracks develop over time on this. Cement coping is more resistant to the cracks due to exposure to weather.

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Marble skirting flushed with wall

In marble flooring, as a default, we recommend flushing the skirting with the wall, along with a groove between skirting and the plaster.

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USB points

USB points are becoming a new necessity to charge your phone, ipads and other gadgetry. We provide, as a standard specification, a USB point in every room. To see more of our electrical guidelines, contact Prithu Sales person.

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