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Lesser or easier maintenance

Video door phone

We recommend the use of individual video door phones for each floor rather than a single outdoor unit for 4 floors. A separate unit makes maintenance easier.  

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Provisioning for AC pipes

Copper pipes and electrical wire travel between indoor units and outdoor units. In many cases, we have seen that copper pipe and electrical wire are tied together and are buried in the wall. In this method, in future, if wire is to be changed or repaired, it would be difficult. We take electrical wire through a separate conduit.

Provisioning for AC pipes

Fresh water pipes in the bathroom

As far as possible, we try to bring the fresh water pipes on the bathroom walls from the false ceiling above rather than the flooring. This makes the future maintenance simple. To know more, click here.

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Underslung plumbing

This system of plumbing in bathrooms is used in luxury hotels, offices and residences. This makes maintenance easy and exposes any leaks fast. To know more, click here.

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Crystalline water-proofing chemical

We prefer to use crystalline chemicals mixed in concrete to make the concrete slab water-proof. In case of any scratch or tear, the slab still remains water-proof.

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Texture paint

In high movement areas like stilt, staircase etc., any kind of marks or scratches become very visible. Texture paint is a better solution as this is more resistant to dust and marks.

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Water supply pipes on terrace

Traditionally, water pipes from overhead tanks are taken to the point of vertical stack from below the terrace floor. This is an economical and faster way, but it creates a big problem in case of any future leakage or damage. So, we recommend taking the pipes along the parapet wall, the way pipes are taken in the bathroom.

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Toe walls

We make concrete toe walls in bathrooms, balcony edges and terrace edges. These toe walls coupled with the concrete slab gives an additional layer of protection against the seepage.

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1ft high skirting in stilt

Many times, stilts are washed. One feet high skirting gives extra protection to the walls from seepage due to washing. 

1ft high skirting in stilt
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