What Makes Prithu Homes Different?

Better Material

Ready-mix concrete (RMC)

For casting of slabs, we recommend use of factory made concrete rather than making concrete on site. Also, we procure RMC from leading brands like ACC, Prism RMC, RDC Concrete as mentioned in our HomeEssential document.

Leading brands

All material that is used in making your home, is from one of the leading brands. Each brand that will be used in your home is mentioned in the HomeEssential document transparently.

Bathroom accessories of the same brand as main bathroom fittings

We have seen that main chrome bathroom fittings like basin faucet, shower faucet, shower head etc. are of a good brand, but chrome accessories like tissue holder, health faucet, angle valve for geyser etc. are of a local brand. Due to this, over time one can see different impacts of aging on different chrome finished products. We recommend and use that all chrome finished products in the bathroom should be of the same company.

Procurement of material directly from companies

As far as possible, we buy directly from companies rather than through the dealers or distributors in the market. Benefits are less chances of counterfeit or defective material, better prices and better technical support

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