What Makes Prithu Homes Different?

Latest innovative products

Factory made doors

More and more, large hotel or residential projects are using factory made doors for better finish and consistent quality. We also recommend using the same.

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Shower channels

For better evacuation of water, in shower areas, we recommend use of linear shower channels, like one will see in luxury hotels.

linear shower, linear shower drain

Curing chemical

Water based curing/ tarai on structure has been largely replaced by curing compounds in large projects like group housing projects of large national developers. It reduces wastage of water.

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Many people have a different opinion on every kind of thing like which brand they trust, what colour they prefer, additionally what form of door or flooring they want. That is why we not only provided customization in designs but also in materials, style of flooring and many others. Moreover, there are many kinds of products in the market. So many options to consider! Often people can get confused about price and quality and tricked into buying something that they regret later. However, Prithu Homes give you the option and freedom to get what you desire, and not confusion or stress.
Whenever people think about building a house, they randomly pick materials without guidance, ending with unbalanced resources. Thus, Prithu gives you a research report on materials we use during the fixed timeline of your home construction. Many people have considered price. Prithu always think about clients well being and does not give them stress. We use as minimum as possible funds the customer and take care of the budget. On top of that, whenever people get confused, we provide the differentia of calling the developers. They will deliver you with the required or desired support.
Moreover, these are some things that Prithu provides with new techniques, such as curing chemicals. It is the technique which reduces the water wastage. We think about our plant alongside taking care of where your dream house is build. So, not only you, but your next generation can also enjoy their lifestyle.
Overall, Prithu Homes have a history of positive feedback from its customers. We are happy to assure that we have provided uptill now more than 75+ satisfied clientele who have taken our Services. Prithu, over the last several years, under the values of Bharat Dalmia Group, has built trust and customer satisfaction along with people's dream homes.

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