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Building Plan Approval Fee Calculator Faridabad

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 Approval Fee Calculator

Our Building Plan Approval Fees Calculator Faridabad helps people calculate the cost of their house plan approval charges in Faridabad. With just a few simple inputs from your end, you can effortlessly estimate the cost of your building plan approval.


What is the Building Plan Approval Fees Calculator of Prithu Homes

Our innovative building plan approval fees calculator in Faridabad, tailored to your selected city, will provide you with a comprehensive approval fee estimate breakdown. The approval fee calculator in Faridabad clearly gives breakup cost for the following stages - 


  • Fees at the time of Building Plan Approval

  • Fees at the time of Plinth Inspection

  • Fees at the time of Completion Certificate

  • Fees for water and Sewer connections

How do we Calculate house plan approval charges in Faridabad?

  • Building plan approval fees are calculated based on the latest bye-laws of the corresponding city

  • The following assumptions taken while calculating the approval fees are clearly specified

  • Areas taken to calculate Built Up Area (BUA)

  • Calculating Compounding charges at the time of the Completion Certificate

  • Permissible Additional FAR charges

  • The formula for Following relevant terminology needed while calculating building plan approval fees is mentioned in the results of our approval fee calculator-

  • Building Permit Fee

  • Stacking Charge

  • Betterment charges

  • Additional FAR Charges

  • Betterment Levy

  • Admin Charge

  • Construction and demolition waste charge

  • Labour Cess

 Advantages and Benefits of Prithu Homes Building Plan Approval Fees Calculator Faridabad

  • The house plan approval charges calculators in Faridabad are becoming famous as more educated people are getting into home construction. Our user-friendly approval fees calculator will help you make informed decisions and plan your dream home with confidence. 

  • The building plan approval calculator is a tool that we give you so that you have zero surprises in your home construction journey.

  • The house plan approval calculators are available online at our website. Calculate the duplex or villa plan approval fee at your ease.

  • To learn more about “how to calculate house plan approval charges” or need more details about our services, please drop a mail at

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Q1 - How can I get building plan approval from my municipality in Faridabad?

Ans -You don’t need to worry about it. Prithu Homes will be responsible for getting approvals for your home. We will ensure that you have a hassle-free home construction journey.


Q2 - How long does a plan take to be approved in Faridabad?

Ans -Our commitment to delivering your homes within the timeline also factors in the approval process duration. We proactively plan to get approval from the corresponding municipality. This is done  to ensure a seamless transition to your new home without any unnecessary delays.

Q3 -What is the Process and Documents required for Sanctioning the building plan in Faridabad?

Ans - We have an in-house approval team that will request all the documents required to approve your house plans. Our dedicated approval team will handle the entire process on your behalf.

Q4 - What are development charges in Faridabad?

AnsDevelopment charges in Faridabad vary and depend on the type and size of the construction. For more details you can try Prithu’s Approval Fee Calculator Faridabad.

Q5 What is the fee for map approval in Faridabad?

AnsThe fee for map approval in Faridabad depends on factors such as the type and size of the building. Contact the municipal corporation for precise information. Try Prithu’s Approval Fee Calculator Faridabad for more details.

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