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Our Home is Better for You

When you can get your home built by a professional builder with the largest team of architects and construction professionals in Delhi NCR, then why would you go to a local builder?

Why do we say this? - Because we assure you that homes built by Prithu are better for you (both in design and quality). 
Have a doubt? - Scroll down and read in detail. 

House Design Construction
House Design Construction
Factory made doors

More and more, large hotels or residential projects are using factory made doors for better finish and consistent quality. We also recommend using the same.

House Design Construction
Shoulders in brick wall

Wherever a door or window is to be installed, we recommend a brick wall shoulder, as far as possible, so that door or window is installed on the wall rather than column. Also, it helps in installing door architraves aesthetically.

House Design Construction
General purpose and mood lighting

The light colour preferred for general purpose/ reading (white) is different from the light colour for mood (warm white). We provide both the lights to cater to both needs separately.

House Design Construction
High parapet wall on mumty

Additionally, we construct a 4.5-inch thick and 1050 mm (from the finished floor) high parapet wall on mumty. This helps in concealing the water tank's view.

House Design Construction
Japanese aluminium windows

More and more, large hotels or residential projects are using factory made doors for better finish and consistent quality. We also recommend using the same.

House Design Construction
Coping on parapet walls

On the top of the brickwork, there will be a 50 mm thick coping to reduce the cracks on the top of the wall due to the weathering effect. Water accumulates on top of the parapet and plaster-level cracks develop over time on this. Cement coping is more resistant to cracks due to exposure to weather.

House Design Construction
8 feet high doors and windows

Higher windows and doors give a more aesthetic look to the home. Taller windows allow for more light flow also making home livelier.

House Design Construction
Stone finish on manhole covers

The manhole covers for manholes, catch basins and supply traps are finished with the granite used in stilts, giving a better look.

House Design Construction
Bathroom accessories of the same brand as main bathroom fittings

We have seen that main chrome bathroom fittings like basin faucet, shower faucet, shower head etc. are of a good brand, but chrome accessories like tissue holder, health faucet, angle valve for geyser etc. are of a local brand. Due to this, over time one can see different impacts of ageing on different chrome finished products. We recommend and use that all chrome finished products in the bathroom should be of the same company.

House Design Construction
Use of mesh on joints before plaster

We recommend putting a mesh on the joints of structure and brickwork, before the plaster. This helps in reducing the cracks that occur over the time due to joint of two different materials.

House Design Construction
Grove on joints between structure and brickwork

On an external wall, we recommend making a grove where there is a joint between the structure and brickwork. These two being different materials, cracks can appear over time on these joints. Grooves help in reducing the visibility of these cracks.

House Design Construction
Marble skirting flushed with wall

n marble flooring, as a default, we recommend flushing the skirting with the wall, along with a groove between skirting and the plaster.

House Design Construction
Niches in bathrooms

As a standard, we provide for one or two niches on the wall in each bathroom. Niches are convenient to use as they are permanent fixtures and unlike other bathroom accessories, they don’t project out.

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  • This page explains some practices that we follow. In case, you would like to propose a better solution, please do contact us. There can be differences of opinion among people on the solutions that we have proposed.

  • If there is a problem that we have not captured here, do let us know.

  • Based on our experiences and future developments, we can change any of the proposed solutions. This document captures what we are doing as on date of writing.

  • Specific features may be available as add-on in some products.

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 All images shown are the real photographs or renderings of our projects. Prithu Homes has the right to change any information anytime without prior intimation. Please check for the latest applicable details before the signing of the agreement. All features or aspects mentioned may not be part of the standard offering. The renders shown for this project are subject to change as we work on final concepts and drawings.

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