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Introducing Prithu LookBooks

Interiors and Material Selection Simplified

Bedroom - House Design
House Design

Material & Design Selection

While doing material and design selection for interiors, our clients have shared a few major problems with us:

  1. How do I visualize different materials together to get a complete view of the space? For example, in the bathroom how will floor tile, wall tile, highlighter tile, counter stone, and vanity finish look together

  2. How do I get a custom design and beautiful home within a fixed time and a pre-decided & reasonable price

  3. How do I get the warranty from Prithu for every work including interiors


Prithu LookBooks helps our clients get a custom-designed home with full control of the price and without an increase in the project timeline. To understand the full context of our LookBooks, please read our HomeEssential SOW first. If you would like an in-person walk-through of our concept of LookBooks, please schedule a meeting with us. 

Architect Ravee Singh and her team, under the leadership of Architect Poorva Khandelwal, work only on making our LookBooks better and more relevant. Please browse through our various LookBooks given below. We look forward to hearing from you regarding our LookBooks at

Bedroom Lookbook 

Our bedroom lookbook consists of different looks for your bedroom such as the classical look, the exposed brick look, and the industrial look. We have also presented different themes such as elegant grey and elegant black and white. You also have the option to create your own theme.

Bedroom - House Design
Kitchen - House Design

Kitchen Lookbook

Through our kitchen lookbook, you can select the theme for your kitchen. The available options are an elegant beige theme kitchen, elegant grey, black and white, luminous yellow, etc. We have also showcased different tile options available for each theme.

Drawing & Dining Lookbook

Our drawing and dining lookbook presents a collection of different themes that you can select for your drawing and dining area. We also provide the option to create your own theme. You can browse through the lookbook and select according to your personal style.

Living room -House Design
Bathroom - House Design

Bathroom Lookbook

In our bathroom lookbook, we have presented different themes for your bathroom such as the subway theme, industrial look, grey decor, the rustic look, among many others. You can also see the tile options for each theme. 

Bathroom Fixtures Lookbook

The objective of this LookBook is to help you choose the Basin, Basin faucet, WC, Showerhead, and Shower Diverter for your bathroom. This LookBook then goes on to help you upgrade your bathroom fixtures also as per your needs and budgets.

Bathroom fittings - House Design
False ceiling - House Design

False Ceiling Lookbook

The false ceiling lookbook gives a wide range of visuals of different ceilings you could go for, if you are a fan of false ceilings. In case you do not want a false ceiling, then this LookBook also tells you what can be done.

Wall Finishes Lookbook

Here you can see the different options for wall finishes such as classic moldings, framed moldings, metal patterns, etc. You can also see the detailed information for each option along with the pricing.

Wall finishes - House Design
Wall partition - House Design

Screens & Partitions Lookbook

In this lookbook, you can glance through the different screens and partition options such as the vertical wood design, designer wood jali, and contemporary gold divider, etc. We have also talked about the best usage of each design along with detailed info on the material and the pricing.

Modular Kitchen Lookbook

The lookbook is divided into two sections: base unit and wall unit. In the base unit section, you can select the drawer unit, pantry unit, under sink unit, etc. In the latter section, you can select the shelf unit, chimney, and above-the-sink unit. Also, do read the usage and the detailed information of each.

Wardrobe shutter - House Design

Wardrobe Lookbook

In our wardrobe lookbook, we have given different shutter options along with different modules. You can also scroll through the wood options and the handle options showcased in the lookbook. You can also upgrade the options.

Wardrobe Module Lookbook

Take a look at our wardrobe module lookbook to assess which kind of wardrobe would be best for you. We have placed different possible designs. The lookbook showcases various styles, configurations, materials, finishes, and organization solutions to help homeowners create a functional and aesthetically pleasing wardrobe space.

Wardrobe module - House Design

Our Home is Better For You

 Team Picture- LookBooks

Professional Team

With over 150+ full-time employees, we are proud to say that Prithu has the largest team of architects, construction, and approval professionals in Delhi NCR. We have alumni from IIMs, SPA, DCE, etc. The team at Prithu builds high-standard custom-made residential homes in Delhi NCR. Thus, making us one of the top builders in the capital.

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 All images shown are the real photographs or renderings of our projects. Prithu Homes has the right to change any information anytime without prior intimation. Please check for the latest applicable details before the signing of the agreement. All features or aspects mentioned may not be part of the standard offering. The renders shown for this project are subject to change as we work on final concepts and drawings.

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