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Our Home is Better for You

When you can get your home built by a professional builder with the largest team of architects and construction professionals in Delhi NCR, then why would you go to a local builder?

Why do we say this? - Because we assure you that homes built by Prithu are better for you (both in design and quality). 
Have a doubt? - Scroll down and read in detail. 

Luxury Houses
Luxury Houses
Basement drainage

We provision for and provide two sump pumps in the basement. This way if one pump is out of order, then the second pump is immediately available.

Luxury Houses
Factory made cement and fly ash bricks

These bricks are better than traditionally used red bricks. Two key reasons are:

-Lower AC bills by up to 20% compared to red bricks as they have better thermal insulation
-More consistent size and strength as made in factory

Luxury Houses
Independent car parks

It is a problem if the car park slots of one floor owner are dependent upon the car park slots of another floor owner. We try to design in such a way that we are able to give independent car parks. We can link the stilt design of a 200 sq yds here from HomeSimplified.

Luxury Houses
4 layer overhead water tank

More layers provides better thermal insulation. So water will be less cold in winters and less hot in summers.

Luxury Houses
Biometric locks

For flexible usage at the main door, biometric locks help. Besides a traditional key, they can also be operated through a fingerprint or pin.

Luxury Houses
Door seal on main door

Lizards, cockroaches and insects tend to enter our home from the gap between the main door and the floor below it. In our main doors, we install a door seal which covers that gap.

Luxury Houses
Basement Ventilation

Most basements do not have natural ventilation now. So, we provide exhaust fans in the basement for air exchange – one exhaust for bringing fresh air in and another for taking out basement air.

Luxury Houses
Occupancy sensors in stilt

Lights installed in stilt ceiling are linked with occupancy sensors. So, when stilt is being used lights switch on automatically and switch off when stilt is not being used.

Luxury Houses
More car parks

More car parks by designing structures in such a way that we get more or large column-free spaces.

Luxury Houses
Door on mumty staircase

We recommend the door on mumty staircase to be of the same material as external doors and windows, as it is also exposed to water and sunlight. So, material should be aesthetic as well as able to withstand external weather.

Luxury Houses
Thermal insulation coatings

At terrace and external walls, we recommend a thermal insulation coat. This keeps your home less cold in winters and less hot in summers.

Luxury Houses
Thermostatic valves in shower

In winters, use of thermostatic valves keep the temperature of hot water constant. So, no need to manually adjust the mixing of hot and cold water.

Luxury Houses
Automation for water motors

We recommend and install automation of water motors in following ways:
-Motors to auto-start and auto-stop based on water levels or water supply;
-Water level indicator in kitchen

Luxury Houses
Heat reflective tiles on terrace

These tiles reflect the sun heat back, making the third floor less hot in summer and less cold in winters. Besides giving more comfort, it also saves you electricity bill.

Luxury Houses
MS ladder to access mumty

As a default standard, all our homes have a MS ladder mounted on the mumty wall to access the mumty.

Luxury Houses
Provisioning for inverter

As a default, we provision for all light, fan and 6 amp points on the inverter. In future, as per your requirement and inverter capacity, you can operate any light, fan or 6 amp point on the inverter, rather than the traditional model where only a few selected points are connected to the inverter.

Luxury Houses
Control valves

In each vertical stack of water supply, a control valve is provided at the terrace. In case there is a water leakage in any bathroom or kitchen pipe, supply to the whole house is not cut.

Luxury Houses
Cushion between door and frame

When door closes with some force, there is a noise of bang as it hits the frame. In the doors we provide, a rubber is installed on the frame which acts as a cushion.

Luxury Houses
Ample number of sockets

We provide an ample number of 6 amp and 16 amp sockets across the various spaces in the home keeping in mind the potential uses that you may have while living.

Luxury Houses
Ceiling fans

We recommend use of new-generation BLDC fans which save up to Rs. 1,500 per fan per year in electricity bill. Also, they come with a remote control for speed control and make less noise.

Luxury Houses
Smart home

Through mobile you can switch on or off the AC, geyser, TV, light, fan etc. This way you can start your AC or geyser, before you reach. To make maintenance easy, this is part of our warranty.

Luxury Houses
P-traps in the bathrooms

P-trap is in-built in a WC to stop foul smell. However, foul smells can also come from bathroom drains. So, we provide for a p-trap in that also.

Luxury Houses
Mosquito mesh in windows

All our sliding windows and doors inside home come with a mosquito mesh as a default standard option.

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  • This page explains some practices that we follow. In case, you would like to propose a better solution, please do contact us. There can be differences of opinion among people on the solutions that we have proposed.

  • If there is a problem that we have not captured here, do let us know.

  • Based on our experiences and future developments, we can change any of the proposed solutions. This document captures what we are doing as on date of writing.

  • Specific features may be available as add-on in some products.

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