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Turnkey Projects for Home Design and Construction

Simple and Cost-effective way to Design and Build a Home 

Home Designers & Building Designers

Our Turnkey Service includes

HomeEssential: Right base to create your custom home

Think of HomeEssential as a pizza! You can eat this tasty pizza without any changes OR you can change the toppings to create a custom pizza as per your taste and preferences.  


HomeEssential gives you a ready to move home with wardrobes, modular kitchen, lights, fans etc. Now, you can take it like this or do add-ons or upgrades to create a custom home for yourself. 


This 50+ page document gives details of what all work we will do, brands that we will use, delivery timelines, pricing, payment schedule, warranty details etc. We suggest first you see the brief video to get a summary of HomeEssential and then schedule a meeting with us to get a deeper understanding. You will clearly see why this is the most copied document by other builders in Delhi!

Home Designers & Building Designers

Easily customise your home with our LookBooks, Add-ons and Upgrades

Add-ons: You can add features like swimming pool, solar panels, steamer, VRV air-conditioning, terrace garden and a lot more with our add-on options. 


Upgrades: You can upgrade the specifications given in the HomeEssential as per your preference. For example, you can upgrade the wardrobe finish to PU or Acrylic or Glass shutters easily. More so, you can upgrade for a specific room or a floor also instead of the whole home.


LookBooks: Are you wondering how you match the floor tiles, wall tiles, highlighter tiles, bathroom counter and vanity finish in your bathroom? Our Architects have put together LookBooks for you to easily visualise and select looks for your bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms etc. 


All our add-ons, upgrades and lookbooks come with a predefined price and details to ensure that you always have visibility on your budget and can do decision making even from your home along with your family members.

How does the journey start for Turnkey home construction?

Step 1: Price quote based on full FAR consumption
Step 2: Agreement signed, price and project duration fixed
Step 3: Drawings started, approvals obtained. Contract updated based on actual area
Step 4: Construction started
Step 5: Regular meetings with Prithu team for tracking project progress, material / design selections and add-on / upgrades.
Step 6: Invitation for handover inspection once work is complete and Completion Certificate is issued.
Step 7: Handover with drawings and warranty documents.
Step 8: Warranty starts.

Home Designers & Building Designers

Know the floor plan making process at Prithu 

Every family has different requirements. One family may want a larger storage area and the other may want a more spacious seating area. Thus, at Prithu, we make custom floor plans for each client. You may not like the details of the floor plans you see on our page. It is to keep in mind that those designs are specifically made for certain families based on their requirements. And, Prithu’s team will be happy to create the perfect floor plan for your family. 

Material that you can track

When a material is delivered at site, time-stamped photographs are uploaded on the Prithu app by our Site Manager. You can see these photographs whenever you want. This way you can be assured that the material used is as per the agreement and approved brands/ quality.


Quality that you can track

Each site has a dedicated site incharge, who is a full time employee of Prithu. He applies upto 2000 checks, mostly with time-stamped supporting photographs using Prithu's app.


Our clients can see all these checks with supporting photographs through the Prithu app.

Warranty you can rely on


Separate team for warranty

id card

Online system to raise and track warranty query


Buy extended warranty for additional peace of mind

Our Home is Better For You

Well Spread Out Payment Plan


Just pay 2.5% to start building your home


The balance amount is paid as per milestones that are defined at the begining of each project


Each plan has 11 to 16 milestones depending on Number of slabs in a home

Prithu Saves You Money

Will you save money if you were to build the home yourself with the help of an architect? Common sense says Yes! You can hire the contractors and pay them directly. Also, the material can be bought by you at a good price as you are a good negotiator and some friends can also help you with contacts. This way, you think that you can save on the profit that the builder will make.

Reality is completely different. To present an analysis based on numbers, we have done a comparison. As per our analysis, if you were to build a S+4 on 200 sq yds in Delhi, you will spend appx. Rs. 3.05 cr. The same home is built by Prithu Homes for appx. Rs. 2.69 cr. So, you save upto Rs. 35 lacs with Prithu.

Click on the link below to see the break up of the Rs. 3.05 cr. that you will spend

Get a free comparison of our price quote with any other builder

Selecting a builder is a huge financial decision. So, it is obvious that you might want to compare the prices of two different builders. 

Challenge is that comparing the specifications of two builders is not easy. People generally only check the finishing items in specifications like Italian marble, the value of bathroom fittings, the brand of steel used etc. However, the real points which impact the real quality of a home and ensure that there are no disputes between you and the builder are different.

To give you an example, one of our clients got a quote of Rs. 2.85 cr. from one builder. Our quote was Rs. 3.15 cr. Besides a difference of Rs. 30 lacs, the other builder's quote had better specifications than our quote like Italian Marble, Shower Partitions, Tata Steel etc. We did a quote comparison (given in the link below). After the detailed comparison, the difference was just 4% at the maximum.

Make a smart decision. Do not select your builder without getting a free quote comparison done from Prithu Homes. 

Also, you may find one of our blog on doing a quote comparison helpful. Click here to read the blog.

DSC06069-HDRhigh res_.jpg

Easy to understand pricing

Our pricing is on a per sqft basis. So, as the area increases or decreases, the revised price can be calculated easily. We have different prices for different types of areas like covered area, semi-covered area, open area and basement area. We provide transparent volume discounts as the project becomes bigger bringing economies of scale.

How is our price better

A very common question we are asked is how is our price better considering that we have large teams, office expenses, etc. The answer is the same as why a hypermarket is able to give you a better price compared to your neighborhood store. Due to our scale, we buy materials and labor at better prices. We invest in technology and processes to reduce wastages and reworks. Also, we work on lesser margins as we are looking to build a large scale in this sector.

Stairs- Home Designers & Building Designers
Prithu Team Picture - Home Designers & Building Designers

Professional Team

With over 150+ full-time employees, we are proud to say that Prithu has the largest team of architects, construction, and approval professionals in Delhi NCR. We have alumni from IIMs, SPA, DCE, etc. The team at Prithu builds high-standard custom-made residential homes in Delhi NCR. Thus, making us one of the top builders in the capital.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Living room view by prithu homes- Home Design and Home Construction

"It has been a great experience dealing with professionals who have structured and handled the entire Home making process beautifully & made it a smooth experience for us Owners."

Mr. Joginder Pal

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 All images shown are the real photographs or renderings of our projects. Prithu Homes has the right to change any information anytime without prior intimation. Please check for the latest applicable details before the signing of the agreement. All features or aspects mentioned may not be part of the standard offering. The renders shown for this project are subject to change as we work on final concepts and drawings.

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