Building a home is one of the biggest emotional and financial investments for anyone. To build a home, there are several choices that the plot owner has. So, a very valid and common question that we are asked is what makes a home built by Prithu different? Here is a compilation of an indicative list of aspects that make a Prithu home different.

  • Underslung plumbing
  • Texture paint
  • Fresh water pipes in the bathroom
  • Door on mumty staircase
  • Senior citizen friendly bathroom
  • Location of power supply switch for AC
  • Provisioning for AC pipes
  • Provisioning for inverter

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  • Ready-mix concrete (RMC)
  • Leading brands
  • Bathroom accessories of the same brand as main bathroom fittings
  • Procurement of material directly from companies

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  • Shoulders in brick wall
  • Lintels on doors
  • P-traps in the bathrooms
  • Mosquito mesh in windows
  • MS ladder to access mumty
  • Niches in bathrooms
  • Coping on parapet walls
  • Marble skirting flushed with wall
  • USB points

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  • Structure certificate
  • Cover block
  • Shuttering oil
  • Vertical plumbing stack
  • Tile flooring with spacers when exposed to sun
  • Rain water harvesting

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  • Factory made doors
  • Shower channels
  • Curing chemical

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To know more about what makes a home built by us different.

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