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Prithu’s Office Expansion: Design and Ideation

We are happy to share that we have expanded our office space. Initially, our only office space was based on the 15th floor of the Atma Ram Building, Barakhamba Road. Now, we have successfully built another office in the same building, on the 6th floor.

As far as the requirements for the second office are concerned, we needed one conference room and two meeting rooms along with a workstation for our team. So, we built a six-seater conference room, two four-seater meeting rooms, and a 24-seater workstation for the team members.

Additionally, all the meeting rooms and the conference room are equipped with smart TVs.

We have pasted an opaque film over the glass doors in the meeting rooms and the conference room so that the space can be used as a whiteboard during meetings and discussions.

Conference tables and meeting rooms’ tables are covered with glass tops which can additionally be used for writing during discussions. Interestingly, A glass wall has been made between the two meeting rooms to have more natural light in both rooms.

When the team at Prithu was thinking about the office expansion, there were tons of ideas that were floating around. The goal was to create another office space, which would be warm, lively, and focused at the same time.

So, we spoke with the Design Manager, Ravee Singh, who was in charge of the new office setup.

As Ravee spoke, “We wanted to create an elegant and sophisticated ambiance hence, decided to go with monotone interiors keeping all walls white in color with a hint of grey to add a serene and calming environment.” Additionally, planters are added in every space for an aesthetic finish.

Ravee added, “Materials play a very specific role in designing. To add depth and visual interest we added wooden flooring in major areas of the office space”. Also, the laminate on the doors is done in lighter shades: all oak shades. The team went for the oak shade to give a neutral feel to the space setting.

The door laminations are from Greenlam and the flooring is from Action Tesa. The same brands we use for our client projects also. To create a visual barrier between the entrance and services area a MS screen with a planter is installed. The MS screen is also adding liveliness to the area with the planters.

The cohesiveness of the design lies in the meticulous selection and coordination of every element within the space. Keeping that in mind, and to give our office space a personal touch, we asked our team to paint canvases for the corridor wall and the entrance wall. Once you'll see the canvas you'll understand how thoughtful the team was while selecting the colors and designs on the canvas keeping the theme in mind.

We also designed our focus wall at the entrance with Prithu Homes written on wooden board with the help of nails and Thread. We are very thankful to our design team for helping us implement the idea we had in our minds.

As far as the monotone interior is concerned, statement furniture and accessories play a vital role in breaking the uniformity and adding personality to the space. We selected sleek items of furniture for all the spaces in our office including the mustard chairs, enhancing the office space.

In addition to giving our office a neat and calming look with material palette and furniture, we had also thought about energy saving. Having said that, we have an occupancy sensor installed at the entrance so that the entrance is well-lit when you enter the space and lights at the entrance are off when not in use.

Workstations have large windows so that we can do daylight saving as no light is needed before 5 pm. Our conference room is also equipped with a smart relay from Wiser that can control lights remotely. Our office has a master switch at the entrance to avoid any light/fan being switched on unknowingly when the office is locked.

That’s about the requirements, the layout, and the design ideology behind our new office space. Email us at Prithu Homes if you want to know more about the architecture and design work done by Prithu’s team.

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Freelancer Siddiqua
Freelancer Siddiqua
5 days ago

hi, This is Fosroc Construction Solution

Prithu’s office expansion is an exciting endeavor, and this article offers valuable insights into the design and ideation process. Exploring the creative journey behind the expansion project is not only inspiring but also provides practical tips for anyone undertaking a similar venture. From conceptualization to implementation, each step is meticulously detailed, making it a compelling read for design enthusiasts and business owners alike. Thanks for sharing this fascinating glimpse into the world of office expansion and design!

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