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Exploring the Combination of Simplex and Duplex Homes

The home construction industry is highly dynamic, with new designs being introduced to the market. For many years now, a new design trend is in the limelight: a combination of two residential architectural designs, a simplex-duplex combination. This Hybrid Housing Solution is primarily famous because it enables luxurious and economic living at the same time. For people new to the industry, a duplex apartment is basically an apartment with rooms and living spaces on two connected floors.

Why is it a good idea to build Simplex-Duplex Homes?

It is true that building a villa doesn’t fall within the budget of every plot owner. Thus, many end up living on separate floors in simplex builder floors, which are typically 2-3 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms, depending on the plot size. However, living in flats can be less comfortable for families. Thus, people have now barged into the idea of building duplex homes for themselves along with simplex flats on other floors, which can be used for rental purposes.

We see this market need as an opportunity to create homes for comfortable living through the fusion of two residential architectural styles- Simplex and Duplex.

In cities like Delhi, where the areas are becoming more cramped; people intend to utilize their plot area optimally by building a stilt + four-floor building. In the current market, where plot owners wish to also generate income from the house, the first and second floors can be put on rent to generate an extra side income and the owners can enjoy living in the duplex apartment on the top builder floors. This way, the owners have a more intimate and homely space for the family to grow in, all while providing physical and mental comfort.

Duplex stairs and lobby by prithu homes

The benefits of a duplex apartment

The benefits of a duplex apartment are multiple. Duplex promises more comfort and space to the residents than an apartment and lesser cost involved than a villa. Thus, the residents will get a feel of a villa at the price of an apartment. The larger common spaces, like living areas and kitchens, are achieved through this spatial design. It also fulfills the need for a higher number of spatial, private sections. The design aim is to create a warm, welcoming, and enhanced living experience.

Nowadays, the duplex-style apartment provides the perfect sense of high-end living as it provides more space and amenities. Additionally, the new design is in the limelight because it helps preserve the sense of individuality along with belongingness while achieving the required functionality by transforming into a space one can call home.

And lastly, one can use the other floors as an income-generating asset. Additionally, Simplex-Duplex Homes aim at utilizing the maximum permissible FAR and various floors. Thus, economically and emotionally a simplex-duplex style of residential design fulfills the purpose of creating warmth and income.


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