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FAR Increase in Gurgaon, Haryana 2022 - New FAR by HUDA

FAR Increase in Gurgaon

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Much to the delight of plot owners in Gurgaon, Haryana, HUDA increased the FAR in Gurgaon in 2019. The FAR was increased in Gurgaon, Haryana in September 2019 by the Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP), formerly Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA). On receiving many suggestions by the citizens of Haryana, changes were made by the Department of Town & Country Planning (DTP). These changes are applicable in Private Colonies & Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) Sectors. This is now a part of the Haryana Building By Laws as well.

After the revised 2016 Haryana Building By Laws, additional FAR was allowed on plots upon payment of charges as approved by the government. This Purchasable FAR was again increased in September, 2019. Before we explain the FAR Increase in Gurgaon, let us first understand what is FAR.

What is FAR?

FAR is the floor area ratio between the floor area and the plot area, meaning how much you can build on your plot in terms of area considering your plot area and size. The quotient is obtained by total covered area (plinth area) on all floors multiplied by 100, divided by the area of the plot.

How is Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Calculated?

FAR = Total covered area of all floors x 100/ Plot area

New Increased FAR in Gurgaon, Haryana

To understand the calculations as per new FAR, let us take an example of a 200 sq. yards plot. The total FAR is a sum of Max Free FAR+Max Purchasable FAR.

Convert 200 sq. yd. to sq. m. by multiplying it by 0.836 and the result is 167 sq. m.

For a 167 sq. m. plot in Gurgaon, the Free/Real FAR is 145 and the Purchasable FAR is 119. Hence the New Total FAR is 264.

FAR = (Total area of all floors * 100)/ Plot Area

Therefore, Total area of all floors = (FAR*Plot Area)/100

Total area of all floors for 200 sq.yd. (167sq. m.) in Gurgaon = (264*167)/100 = 441.46 sq.m.

Total area of all floors in sq. ft. = 4751.84 sq. ft.

If you are planning to consume the full FAR of your plot in Gurgaon then according to the Gurgaon By Laws, you can build a maximum of 4 floors. Therefore the per floor coverage area comes out to be 4751.84/4 = 1188 sq. ft.

To make things easier for you, we have created an FAR Calculator which will help the people of Gurgaon and Faridabad (Haryana) in calculating the FAR in just 2 steps.

HSVP/HUDA Clarifies Some More Points

1. Increase in FAR will have no change in the number of dwelling units allowed on residential plots.

2. For all the constructed/under construction plots, the owner will have the option to purchase additional FAR. In such cases, HSVP/HUDA will not insist on purchase of maximum allowed purchasable FAR.

The option of partial purchasable FAR will not be available in case of fresh sanction of plans & in cases where construction is being done after demolishing the existing structure.

3. The zoning plans/architectural controls in licenced colonies will be suitably revised.

4. No further composition of zoning violation beyond the maximum permissible covered area and FAR shall be allowed in case the allottee purchases additional FAR. However, in cases where additional FAR is not being purchased, the existing composition policy shall continue. In case of an existing building on a plot where extra area has already been compounded as per policy, the same will be counted in the maximum permissible ground coverage & FAR being allowed as purchasable FAR. Though, no cost will be charged for the already compounded area.

The above details and points have been taken from “Town & Country Planning Department, Haryana

However, there is a catch 22 situation here as one may never be able to achieve complete FAR unless he/she changes the ground coverage on plots. Hence, we have requested the department to look into avenues which could help people achieve complete FAR.

Calculate New FAR in Gurgaon and Faridabad, Haryana.

In addition, if you want to avoid all these complications, you can use Prithu Homes' FAR Calculator which will help you to find the FAR in Gurgaon and FAR in Faridabad (Haryana).

To calculate the Approval Fee and other charges mentioed by HUDA, use our Approval Fee Calculator.

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