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To a "mango-man", it is easier to buy mangoes in summer than to sit at home and understand what wall-putty must one use for his house? Now, Prithu has made its services such that you will be experiencing no-stress one-stop Home Construction for that.
We understand that for a regular working person on a hectic payroll, it's always going to be a dull task to understand all the technical terminologies related to Home Construction. In other words, you might be curious to know what are "Bye-laws" or "FAR" but too tired or retired to give it a try. While Bye-laws don't stand for adios to Laws when Constructing a Home, FAR isn't about staying FAR-away from the Construction formalities while you plan to build your Sapno ka Mehel.
So, Prithu, alongside our occupation of Design + Build, also built a repository of informative and easy-to-understand blogs. We created a space that can be good enough to make you a 'Master of all', including Home Construction.
The current Blog Page by Prithu Homes is here to simplify the tougher technical terminologies of Real Estate and Home Construction. We also simplify the answers to the frequently asked questions to us by our clients. Also, we help you discover, explore and decide on your own. We have made a space for you to practice RiY, that is, Read it Yourself!
All of our Blogs at Prithu Homes are easy to understand. You are about to read content on Home Construction, Real Estate, Interior Decorations, and Legalities or Bye-Laws. The questions that our Blogs answer falls under the usually ignored but essential-to-answer category when it comes to building one's Dream Home. In other words, we aim to deliver such easy-to-understand content that'll not only help you expand your knowledge base. It will also make you prepared for not becoming a fool while one is conversing Home Construction related questions with you.

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