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Design and Construction Management Services

Single Solution that you need to manage and execute your project

Moduler Kitchen by Prithu
Lobby and Stairs by Prithu

Challenges That An Owner Faces

No single professional knows how to manage the  complete project

This leads to extra time and cost incurred

Compromising on labour quality and cost, as tender pool for labour is small

Day-to-day management is still with client

There is no single warranty

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Case Study 1

  • 3+ years it took to design a farm

  • One big change leading to complete redesign

  • Some issues in design which were discovered during construction, leading to a change and delay

Case Study 2

  • 2+ years it took to design a farm

  • Two failed attempts to start construction

  • Issue in structure design which led to work hold for 4 months after mobilisation 

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Our Solution

A comprehensive and innovative design and construction management service

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Single point of contact

A single point of contact for design, construction, schedule, and quality. Ensuring great communication and a hassle free construction experience for all our clients.

Better price

Major contracts awarded labour only
Labour contracts through tender with 5 quotes guaranteed
Client is free to procure material from anywhere

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DSC06171-HDRhigh res_-2.jpg

Hassle free

Prithu’s full time employees are appointed on site for:

  1. They do day to day management and control contractors

  2. They control quality

Prithu can supply the material if client so desires, generally at better than market prices.

Warranty you can rely on


Separate team for warranty

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Online system to raise and track warranty query


Buy extended warranty for additional peace of mind

Quality that you can track

Each site has a dedicated site incharge, who is a full time employee of Prithu. He applies upto 2000 checks, mostly with time-stamped supporting photographs using Prithu's tech platform.


Our clients can see all these checks with supporting photographs through our tech platform.

Our Home is Better For You


How Does it Work?

Step 1: Prithu understands client requirement and prepares a design brief.

Step 2: We recommend appropriate architect’s and line up meetings with at least 3 of them.
Step 3: Architect is selected and documentation is drafted and executed by Prithu. In parallel remaining consultants are also appointed.
Step 4: We guide client’s during the design process and help in finalising the design & mood boards, keeping in mind client’s preference, budget and timelines.
Step 5: Labour contractors are appointed post tendering.
Step 6: Construction is started and managed by Prithu on day-to-day basis .
Step 7: Material quantities are shared by Architect or Consultants.
Step 8: On-going fortnightly meeting with client for Project review.
Step 9: Pre-handover inspection by client is followed by Handover.
Step 10: Warranty starts.

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Schedule a Meeting With Us

Click on the button down below to schedule a meeting with us to know more about our Turnkey services, Collaboration, Design and Management services, and floors available to buy. Team Prithu will be delighted to assist you in your home-building journey.

 All images shown are the real photographs or renderings of our projects. Prithu Homes has the right to change any information anytime without prior intimation. Please check for the latest applicable details before the signing of the agreement. All features or aspects mentioned may not be part of the standard offering. The renders shown for this project are subject to change as we work on final concepts and drawings.

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