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4 Important Things to Keep in Mind while Building Your New Home

Building a new home

"Homes are built to live in and not look at!"- Francis Bacon

In a globalized world, the obsession with novelty and pompous showcasing has its disadvantages hovering over life. One of such disadvantages has taken over the home making sector. Home building has come far from its crux of happy living and harmonious family union. People have forgotten the core value building that happens at home. Children discover who they are when they see elder’s pursuing their hobbies. They learn from their families about values that shape them and their tomorrow. The pomp and show lifestyle especially in metropolitan cities has driven many children to be nothing but a show off. After all, “Everything begins at Home”.

This in many ways is primal to the way a home is structured. How will a yoga enthusiast practice yoga in a two bedroom apartment with no room for a mat? How would there exist a family time when the living room is not the center of a home? How will there be grandpa teaching chess when there is no zone for exercising the brain?? How will there be jam rehearsals when music becomes noise for everyone? Homes need to accommodate people and personify them. It needs to provide for the family.

‘Rooms must suggest their use without a name’- Louis Kahn

Similarly, homes should talk more about its inhabitants on the first look. The houses in the cities look transitional and does not personify the living families. They feel like stacked cardboard boxes which show signs of in-habitation but no personification. Let’s reinstate its core functions of being a home and not a house made of walls.

Things to Keep in Mind while Building Your New House:

1. A home is the epicenter of family existence. It might be extravagant and pompous like the urban neighbour societies however it must retain its multi-zone space where every individual still enjoys being themselves and practice their multiple moods, talents, ideas in one place.

2. The space should still reflect warmth and vibrancy without compromising on amenities and niche tastes. It should have structural inclusions for sound, lighting, multi-purpose space, open green areas, etc.

3. It should be a space that the future generations sense a belonging and the instinctive need to sustain their varied needs in the same offering zones.

4. Homes can have false ceilings, grandeur installations but should not compromise on the basics of being safe, strong and great quality. It should be built with strength and materials that have supremacy.

A family experiences a home after long tiring office hours, school, business fronts and what not hence having some time in an open green lounge with a hot cup of coffee is just an example of the possibilities that personalized home can provide.

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A space where family nights, parties, indoor cricket with the cousins, movie marathons, dance practice, gardening, guitar practice; all of it can happen under one roof. It can be made more convenient with contemporary architectural design. Taking help from professional builders who can support and execute one’s needs elaborately. Creating customized 3D designs on softwares and tweaking interior, exteriors and materials; Choosing the kind of tiles to the kind of curtains everything is made simple when worked with the right partners. Thus, choosing the right home builders that understand the importance of these factors are crucial.

Crumbling walls, seepage patches in a luxurious space are unfortunately found often in homes. Compromising on great quality of materials to make the house for some fancy showpiece installed at the entrance should be put to an end. An aesthetic and artistic value has become a necessity for the culture of consumption, but importance of homes being strong, safe and personalized should not be ignored.

Make your empty plots alive and resonate with your touch. Make a home and not just another lifeless house. You could connect with our experts here or just leave your comments below. We hope our message to all the home builders out there helps bring the meaning in a home back.

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Happy home building.


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