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Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Real Estate Developer

Real Estate Developer

Are you planning to build your dream house, but not sure how to find the best real estate developer in your city? You have arrived at the right place. Building a home from scratch entails a lot of planning, research, verification of credentials, and many more. Choosing the right developer is one of them. One has to be extremely cautious about whom to trust so that his/her hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste.

In the modern era of real estate, the turnkey construction market in India is extremely unorganized. If you are not careful, you might fall into the traps of realtors, who will show you brochures of attractive homes, promise high-class amenities, and price and loot you by delaying delivery or compromise on many key things. Therefore, even before you choose the land or start the construction process, it is highly recommended to select the correct developer. Because, it is the developer who communicates with you regularly, understands and fulfills your requirements, abides by the government laws, and delivers you your dream home.

Here are 8 crucial points based on which you need to measure every real estate developer before finalizing the right one for you. So, let’s here started:

Parameters to Check While Choosing The Right Developer

1. Research Developers’ Websites

Background research is the first step to choose the best real estate developer. For instance, if you are planning to build a house in Delhi, try googling Best Real Estate Developers in Delhi. This will help you narrow down the leading players in the real estate market in Delhi. Do not go for names that you or your family members might have never heard of. Trust only the branded name. This will ensure you will not be frauded.

2. Check Their Competency

Before selecting a developer, it is highly important to check their years of experience and for how many years they have existed in the market. This will help you understand their credibility as well as competence. The safest way is to trust well-known turnkey constructors. They have in-depth knowledge about the market and offer you various options. You can rest assured you’ll get the right product at the right price.

3. Check On-time Delivery Track Record

Building a home is already a time-consuming process. Any delay in delivery affects your move-in day. It’s your home, this is where you’ll live for the rest of your life (or at least a better part of your life), therefore on-time delivery is a must. While choosing your developer, in-depth research on the number of projects completed and the time is taken to deliver them is a necessary step you should never skip. This will help you get a fair idea about their average delivery time.

4. Talk to Previous Customers

Many times shady developers would send you fake testimonials or give you incorrect reviews from other customers. So, cross-checking with their previous customers and existing homeowners about how their experience was with the said developer or how well the company supported them during the whole process is mandatory. Track down reviewers on different platforms, reach out to them directly and ask them about their experience with the said developer. This step is highly recommended. If the real estate developer is genuine, it will send you previous customers’ contact details on their own.

5. Verify for Approvals

To avoid any legal complications after moving in or after you’ve already invested a lot of money, a buyer must verify if all the land approvals, safety, environmental, water, area, and height clearance, and NOCs from appropriate authorities are in place. It can be verified from previous customers as well. If they have faced any issues regarding documentation or approval, simply skip the developer.

6. Transparency is Must

For every investor, maximum transparency in transactions is the utmost requirement. Be it transparency about financials or raw materials purchased and used - one must keep in mind that the developer is well-organized and follows ethical business practices. Also, verifying whether the developer follows the RERA compliance during construction is a must. As an investor, you must also examine if the timeline of project completion given, the quality that has been assured, the budget, and other promises that the developer has made are practical.

7. Check bank tie-ups

Almost all reputed real estate developers have tie-ups with multiple private and nationalized banks and financial institutions to provide their customers home loan facilities. Remember, projects approved and supported by well-known banks are more reliable than the rest. It is extremely crucial to understand all the essential information about the payment plan and tenure before investing.

8. Check for Clarity in the Price Quote

Due to the highly unorganized nature of the turnkey real estate market in India, nowadays every builder or contractor quotes their price as they wish. There’s no concept of a standard price range in this market. Therefore, many newbie investors get confused while comparing the price quote. So it is recommended to always trust organized players like Prithu Homes while choosing a constructor for your dream home. Now you might be wondering, what parameters a newbie investor should check to compare price quotes.

After reading this article, we hope that you now have better clarity on how to choose the right builder for your new home. Don’t be overwhelmed or easily persuaded by eye-catchy images and promises. Filter through all the constructors with fine-tooth comb and choose only the one that meets all your expectations and being upfront and honest about delivery. Afterall, your dream depends on the builder. Prithu Homes is India’s one of the most prestigious turnkey constructor with over 100+ years of combined experience in designing and building homes in Delhi, NCR, Haryana, Gurgaon, and more. If you have any queries, feel free to talk to our expert by calling on 9599818105 or sending an email on


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