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Top Three Reasons Why Prithu’s Pricing is Better For You

  1. 04/11/2022
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“Which builder to select for the home construction?”, this is a challenging and perhaps the most critical question in the home building journey. Clients take optimum time to finally break a deal with a builder because it is significant to hire a builder who will build the home of your dreams at the most competitive price. 

As far as Prithu’s pricing goes, we have the most competitive home construction cost. However, many people would believe that since we are professional builders with a large team and office, our prices would be high. Although, that’s a misconception. Let’s see how. 

Prithu’s pricing is the most competitive due to three main reasons: 

  • • Since we are the largest builders of residential construction in Delhi NCR, we get the best prices on materials and labor due to our large volume. 
  • • With our highly experienced team, lesser errors are incurred during home construction thus lesser rework compared to other builders. 
  • • Prithu has lesser wastage due to better processes and value engineering. Ever increasing use of technology helps us continuously improve our systems and processes to deliver better value to our clients. 


Prithu’s core ideology lies in investment in the team and technology so that the clients get better service and quality at competitive prices. Let’s understand the concept with the example of Big Bazar or for that matter any other hypermarket. Why is Big Bazar so famous? – Because it provides products at competitive prices. How is this retail chain able to provide better discounts despite the high cost incurred in maintaining the stores, staff, etc? – The reason being the same “economies of scale”. Their large-scale supply allows them to provide better prices to their customers and earn equitable profits at the same time. 

Thus, we are proud to say that Prithu Homes constructs every home in a simple and cost-effective manner. 

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