What Makes Prithu Homes Different?

Better Technical Design

Underslung plumbing

This system of plumbing in bathrooms is used in luxury hotels, offices and residences. This makes maintenance easy and exposes any leaks fast.

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Texture paint

In high movement areas like stilt, staircase etc., any kind of marks or scratches become very visible. Texture paint is a better solution in this case. To know more about what paint we recommend where, see the ‘Finishing’ page in our HomeEssential document.

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Fresh water pipes in the bathroom

As far as possible, we try to bring the fresh water pipes in the bathroom from the false ceiling above and then wall, rather than the flooring and then wall. This makes the future maintenance simple.

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Door on mumty staircase

We recommend the door on mumty staircase to be of the same material as external doors and windows in the home – of imported extruded aluminium or UPVC. Reason being that mumty door is exposed to water and sunlight. So, material should be aesthetic as well as able to withstand external weather.

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Senior citizen friendly bathroom

If required, we plan for one bathroom in each home to be senior citizen friendly. Door and space inside is large enough for a wheelchair. Near the WC, there is a support bar. Flooring is anti-skid.

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Location of power supply switch for AC

Different AC companies in the market have different standards on where they want the electric supply switch. Some companies want it near outdoor units and some near indoor units. We have designed our system in such a way that clients can put any company’s AC as desired.

power supply switch

Provisioning for AC pipes

Copper pipes and electrical wire travel between indoor units and outdoor units. In many cases, we have seen that copper pipe and electrical wire are tied together and are buried in the wall. In this method, in future, if wire is to be changed or repaired, it would be difficult. We recommend that electrical wire should be taken through a separate conduit. And it is better if this conduit is laid in slab, by planning for services in advance.

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Provisioning for inverter

As a default, we provision for all light, fan and 6 amp points on the inverter. In future, as per your requirement and inverter capacity, you can operate any light, fan or 6 amp point on the inverter, rather than the traditional model where only a few selected points are connected to the inverter.

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