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Wish to sell your builder floor? – Avoid the following mistakes

  1. 30/6/2022
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A builder floor built by Prithu, based in Gurgaon

Let’s say you are a Prithu’s client, you have hired us to construct your new home, and you wish to sell one of the floors. For instance, if you are building a stilt plus four builder floors, you can sell the ground floor or any other floor you do not need. 

However, it is observed that clients commit various mistakes while they are on the journey to sell out their floors. Due to these mistakes, they often miss the optimum deals they could have fetched if the mistakes were earlier avoided. 

So, to help our clients, we have collated the list of the most common mistakes that people tend to make while proposing to sell their floors. Let’s glance at these: 

Delay in decision-making

The foremost important task to begin the journey is to decide whether you want to sell the floor or not. Because in most cases, what happens is that people get too late to decide and thus build the entire building according to their design of choice. However, the new buyers may have different expectations with the budget and the design of the floor. Thus, if you intend to sell the floor, inform the builder beforehand so that the builder can guide you on the design decisions for the floor to be sold as per the market trends.

Decision on when to sell

  This is another critical decision. Clients need to decide on priority when they want to sell the floors because once the entire building is ready and the client starts staying on some of the floors, the value of the vacant floor automatically goes down. Additionally, the market and by-laws are dynamic so they may change; thus, Prithu always recommends that clients make the inventory available for sale from the day demolition begins.

Propose realistic price offers 

Price plays a fundamental role in determining the sale of the floor. We have observed that clients often propose unrealistic prices for their floors, which is not in sync with the market rates. This usually happens because of a wrong comparison or comparison based on unconfirmed data. So, if you pose a higher price first, the price is negotiated later to lower rates, which sends a negative signal in the market. Thus, always pose a price after efficient market research

A clear marketing plan 

The next stage is to frame a clear marketing plan for the floor. A clear marketing plan will help clients fetch the best market deals for their builder flats. Thus, to achieve the same, you must ignore the above three mistakes. Prithu will create a marketing plan with you for the floor. This plan may include brochures, marketing to generate leads, preliminary handling of leads, and preparing legal documents.   

Finally and most importantly, we ensure that the leads we generate for the floor are trustworthy so that you have a warm neighborhood.

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