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We infuse beauty with We infuse beauty with architectural design

When you come to us with your ideas, our architects don’t just listen to them. They understand the vision behind them, take cues from it and convert those to beautiful and functional home designs. If you’ve been facing a hard time in search of good Architects in DelhiNCR, then your hardships should end here.

Our architects pay equal attention to both interior and exterior designs. During both the concept and implementation phases, we focus on guaranteeing the added value required for the customer’s project. The interior design of your home will bring in the much needed living comfort with well lit and ventilated rooms, beautiful cove designs, attractive yet functional bathrooms and other customized features as per your requirements. The exteriors on the other hand will charm everyone with their standout features.

Architectural Gallery

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How We Work

At Prithu Homes, our architects follow a collaborative design process which ensures that your home is designed as per your needs and requirements. The process involves the following steps:

1 Information Collection

Our Architects sit with your family and get their valuable inputs on topics like –
  • A. How many people are going to reside in the home?
  • B. How each individual would like to design their individual rooms?
  • C. How many elders are going to reside?
  • D. Whether you require any elder-friendly features?
  • E. Whether you require any landscaping to be done?
  • F. If you want your home to be designed according to Vastu?
  • And many more……
  • We make a wishlist using inputs from your family to be converted into practical design ideas in the later stages.
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2Floor Plan & Elevation Design

Using the wishlist, our architects design the floor plan and facade while accommodating any special requirements from your end. These are shared with you and subsequently improved after getting your feedback. To give you a concrete idea of how your home is going to look in the future we design beautiful and realistic 3D renderings. These renderings also help you in providing any feedback to our architects. Just as each family and their requirements are unique, so are the floor plans and facade designs developed by our architects for you.

3Construction Support

Our Architects remain in constant touch with the site supervisors of your site through calls and frequent site visits and provide them with any technical support required during the construction process.

4Continuous Feedback

You can easily connect with our architects through calls, in-person meetings and Prithu App (Client communication App) to solve any home design related query which you might have throughout the home construction process.

Robust Structural Design

All our homes are designed by renowned structural consultants using smart design philosophy. Smart Design Philosophy involves designing the structure according to the IS codes but with greater efficiency in material optimisation.Smart Design results in proper utilisation of the space too. To take an example, we were able to create parking space for 8 cars on a 208 sq. yard plot by positioning the columns strategically. Each floor got two independent parkings which means that your neighbours won’t have to disturb you if they want to take-out or move-in their car in the parking lot.

Thought-Through Services Design

What use are the light switches for if they are in the far corner of the rooms rather than near the entrance door due to poor electrical design?

What’s the benefit of having a good looking facade if you have to wash and hang your clothes in the front balcony due to poor floor plan design?

What good would be expensive interiors for if you have a poor plumbing design and you face seepage in the rooms?

These are just some of the many problems which we take care of while designing your home so that you not only get a good looking home but also a home which is comfortable to live in.

Our architects design electrical and plumbing drawings in the initial design phase itself to give you the best positions of electrical, water and plumbing points.

These are just some of the many problems which we take care of while designing your home so that you not only get a good looking home but also a home which is comfortable to live in.

These are just some of the many problems which we take care of while designing your home so that you not only get a good looking home but also a home which is comfortable to live in.

Our Architecture AndDesign Team

Kanika B Chaudhary

Product Design Head

Poorva Khandelwal

Project Design Head

Selection Made Easy

Now there is no need to visit multiple vendors for selecting the interiors for your home. Prithu has created a special space where you can come in and select the interiors for your home at your leisure.

We have a wide range of tiles, wooden panels, stones, wardrobe designs and much more which you can access at our office and with the expert opinion of our architects.

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When it comes to selecting the interiors of your home many questions arise like, w hether tiles will look good or Italian marble? What kind and colour of finishing should be present on the woodwork? What combination of coloured tiles will look good in the bathrooms? What should be the panel colours in the modular kitchen?

And many other questions. Prithu’s interior selection software will clear all your doubts and allow you to visualise your home on a computer before you start to build it.

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