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8 Easy Ways to Build a Green Home

green home

In a world full of pollution, we could do our little bit by making our home go green. It’s not that difficult either, a little effort could go a long way in terms of savings and being eco-friendly as well.

A green home is an environment friendly house, primarily focusing on efficient usage of energy, water and building materials. And with the decrease in the cost of materials and technology required to make green homes, the future for green homes looks very bright. Although still costlier than normal homes, green homes are worth it as they are environment-friendly and save a lot of electricity, maintenance costs compared to normal houses. (PRITHU however maintains the same budget and gives you a luxurious green home hassle free)

Easy Ways for Green Home Construction

Here are a few building ideas for a green home:

Build Small

Yes, you can build a large home. But spare a thought; wouldn’t a small home have less impact on the environment and help in saving money, power and energy? Think of small spaces with more utility! The concepts of versatile homes where 1 room functions as 4 to 6 rooms with simple changes in construction. (Prithu Homes employs such innovative designs to help you experience best out of the budgets) However, that doesn’t mean that you build a cosy cottage instead of a luxurious dream house. All you need to do is to be thoughtful with how you use your space. Plan your house and manage your space, that way you can have your dream house, spend less and save more.

Utilize Solar Power

We do not need any other source of energy when the Sun provides it all. Use its power. Solar power is the cleanest, most environment-friendly, low-cost source of energy you can ever receive. Moreover, you don’t have to pay taxes for using solar power.

Opt for a Cool Roof

The material you use for your roof can make a big difference in the energy efficiency of your house. You can consider products that reflect solar energy and cool faster, such as slate, terra cotta and white tiles. You could also opt for a green roof which allows you to have a vegetation on the roof. Although a green roof is costly, it promises less maintenance, more longevity and more saving of energy on the longer run. Usually constructed to hold plants that grow on the roof, filter rainwater and insulate the home, it is used in commercial buildings and residential buildings as well.

Use Geothermal Power

Is it a lot of investment? Yes. But with that you get limitless energy to cool or heat your home. Suppose in winter, heat will move from underground and warm your home’s HVAC system and in summer, the AC will remove the excess heat and dissipate it underground. In simple words it’s a simple method of heating and cooling by moving the heat instead of creating or resisting it.


Recycling pays off in the short as well as in the long run. You can save money and reduce the negative impact on environment at the same time. You may also want to discuss options on recycled steel, wood or plastic components, all of which are highly qualified and durable products that can reduce the amount of new lumber in your house.

Usage of Sustainable Materials

If you are talking about green homes, usage of sustainable materials is always on the cards. Whether it’s the frame or the flooring, let sustainable building materials reduce the impact of your house on the environment.


Design your house in a way that it takes advantage of the landscape in a way that you can enjoy less expenses on lawn care of your compound. Also, it will save your money in the longer run and have less impact on the surrounding environment.

Conservation of water

You cannot have a green home without water conservation techniques. In the long run, it will only help you as it would save power, money and at the same time it will have considerably lesser impact on the surroundings around you.

Building a green home is not a tough task, (especially with PRITHU)and if you take this step, you are helping yourself as well as those around you. Create a better environment for yourself and future generations as well. You might want to look at what we have to offer at Prithu Homes as we practise green home building through various models and leave your details to schedule a free consultation.

Happy Home Building.

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