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Build a home where the heart of India resides.

build a home in India

India, a land of varied cultures, varied languages and varied emotions, gives you an exciting opportunity to live wherever you want and experience something different each time to move to a different place even in the same state. There’s a very beautiful saying about homes – “Home is where the heart is.” This saying is befitting and explains a lot of situations you are put in which are uncomfortable and unnerving for anyone. Travelling alone to an unknown place, shifting to a new town or city can bring about that pang of anxiety, given you are away from the comforts of your home and most importantly you are away from the place where you are loved the most. A home is built out of love, for those you love to provide them with all sorts of comfort and care you can impart. A home is no more the mere explanation of a mere shelter to sustain life, rather it has become the definition of comfort and luxury now and most importantly it has become the place you come back to after going around the world.

Delhi – the capital of India, is a city which you cannot help but fall in love with. Delhi, being a capital has an amalgamation of all the cultures in India, and by all the cultures, I do literally mean all the cultures. Delhi, being the capital of a nation this huge attracts a lot of crowd from all across the county in search of either working opportunities, for people who have political aims and for people who wish to just be a part of this multi-cultural society. You can find Telugus, Tamils, Keralites, Biharis, Assamese, Kashmiris, Gujaratis among others. This city is filled with people who wear their heart of their sleeves and can make you feel this world is a happy place after all.

Living in Delhi, i.e. building a home on your plot, creating it from scratch in one of the localities in Delhi is an opportunity that shouldn’t go amiss. Delhi, New Delhi or Dilli is a city with a heart and it’s the heart of India. Since the times of the Mughals, when Delhi was the capital of their large territories, Delhi has been the hub of “Bharat” for power, trade and culture. There’s so much culture hidden in the modernities of Delhi that you can’t walk by one statue without wondering it’s historical importance among others. Those small tombs made by Sher Shah Suri on the Sher Shah Suri Marg (known as the Grand Trunk Road) to notify travellers that they were on the right path, the tombs of the greatest rulers of India and the world – the Mughals which are stupendous works of architecture, the food which is again an amalgamation of innate Delhi-ness and the rest of the nation, the celebrations of every major and minor festival, the culture of giving, is what makes Delhi a city like none other.

The city of Delhi, as I see it, is a city of misfits, people misfit for jobs, misfit for the life they are living, cultures misfit with each other, lives, entwined but misfit, coming together to create something beautiful and magical. The people who live there are not only those who have lived there for years, but it also has a population which is largely comprised of refugees. These refugees fled to India during partition. These refugees who had been living on the other side of the border for generations, some of whom had properties and other riches had to leave everything behind and start their new lives as misfits in a fresh new land. Some did well for themselves, while some had to struggle. But that’s the beauty of this city, it takes care of everybody who wishes to be a part of it. And you get to be a part of this magic, by creating a home in the heart of this country, a heart which pumps life into the soul of this nation through its food, its love and its passion. When you live in this city, you become a source of this life support for this nation. The moment you buy a home, you have now marked your territory on the heart of this nation, and you can’t help but be a part of this misfit world.

The tall Qutub Minar on a sunny day, the magnificent Red Fort on a blistering Republic Day and Hauz Khaas Village on a wintery afternoon. The “chole kulche” from the roadside vendor or a splendid dinner at The Taj, a friends’ day out in Connaught place or a family time in Worlds of Wonder, Delhi has an offer to let you experience everything not as a tourist but as an intricate part of the system when you live there, on its soil, owning a piece of its land. Whether it be Malviya Nagar, Nehru place, Karol bagh, or Rohini, Delhi has the same enigma to offer.

Delhi is not your regular city where people just get on with their lives and don’t care about the world around them, rather Delhi is a city which is tightly knit with bonds holding all the people together. The perks of owning a home in Delhi can never be compared to renting a place. You don’t get to create a home with the help of Delhi’s soul rather you live in a body which was never yours to fit your soul in. A house you own in Delhi can help you understand the different dimensions of the world through experiencing cultures, people, behaviours and festivals. A house in Delhi can make you finally feel a piece of ground to call yours in a world which is unstable and ever changing. Delhi can give you a home within its space if you are willing to call it your city and be a part of it. A house you own in Delhi would be a home in the heart of your nation. And as it is said, a home is where the heart is, and what if your home was in the heart of things?


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