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Harvest Rental Opportunities with Your Vacant Land Plots

Plot Rental Opportunities

Real estate investments can be tricky. At the onset itself, the decision to commit to property ownership is complex; add to that the stress of including optimum Return of Investment (ROI), and this becomes a more dynamic prospect. If you are the owner of a plot in Delhi and you do not wish to either construct your own residence on it or sell it, this might be an issue for you. The best way to move forward in such a case, is to harvest rental opportunities on the vacant plot and turn it into residential land. Our solution to this challenge is simple; you should choose a preferred builder in Delhi to enable residence construction with multiple floors, which you can rent out to families and attain ultimate security for your investment. Here’s why and how:

● Invest more, to gain more!

We understand that construction means more financial drain for the short run, and construction costs in Delhi can add to your stress and woes. However, with personalised pricing packages and expert guidance from the top builders in Delhi like Prithu Homes, you can ease your design and construction process, so that you begin renting out the residential plot at your earliest convenience. Once the construction is done, your investment costs are capped, and now your returns can start flowing in! Therefore, investing into short-term construction costs seems to be a viable solution rather than letting the vacant plot land become a liability in the long run.

● Build floors to build money!

To enable optimum monetisation of your plot, especially in regards to the high construction cost per square foot, Prithu Homes suggests you get a multi-floor construction, so you can rent it out on a per-floor basis. This will ensure that the area gets maximised utility and the cash inflow increases with every floor that gets constructed.

● Worried about security and maintenance? Rent it to families!

Renting an apartment to families is easier and involves very less administrative work. Hence, the safest ‘bet’ here would be to rent out your floors to families, as the agreements in such cases work out for longer time periods. Additionally, families are more trustworthy when it comes to responsibility and durable maintenance of the property. Communication, too, is more comfortable, and maximum utility of space is guaranteed in an optimum manner.

● Enable your decision with strong compliance to bylaws!

Building residential floors for rental needs of families is far safer than most other options, as within this initiative, you can be thoroughly compliant with the bylaws. Over the last few years, paying guest accommodation has mushroomed locally, as property owners believe they can achieve more profitable ROI in this manner. However, there are specific bylaw requirements for such dwellings, and one may not be able to build the same on all types of plots. Hence, you must analyse this option carefully in the context of your plot location as well as market demand. With respect to such dilemmas and critical decision making, you can rely in full faith on guidance and assistance from Prithu Homes.

● Annual rent for floor-based returns is highly profitable!

Rent keeps on appreciating, year on year, as a trend. There can be exceptional years in between as well. With a floor-based rental out of construction on a plot of land in Delhi, you can earn an annual rent that calculates up to 12% of the investment of the construction costs in Delhi! For instance, the estimated cost of construction for a 4-floor home on a 200 square yards plot in Delhi is ~ INR 2.5 Cr. This, if rented on a per-floor basis, can easily generate INR 50 - 80K per floor depending on the location resulting in a return of even more than 12% in some cases.

Sounds like an optimum solution, doesn’t it? But wait! How can you go about this in the most convenient manner? No worries, we have power-packed solutions for you in this regard as well. The first step towards building your dream home means finding a builder in Delhi who will ensure standardised practices, reasonable and customised pricing (especially in terms of construction costs in Delhi), and quality services that are conducted on a timely basis. For all this and more, Prithu Homes serves as your go-to builder in Delhi, where you can find a dedicated, in-house team of experts who will bring your dream projects to reality.

For more information regarding construction on plots of land, you can reach out to us and share your details. Our representative will get in touch with you and guide you well regarding all your house building requirements.

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