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Prithu Homes, Naye Zamane ka Architect + Contractor 

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How to Build a Home in Delhi NCR While Being Away

Home Construction in Delhi NCR

It is a universally acknowledged fact that home is where your heart is. In the race of life though, one may find themselves far from home; you could be based outside your home country or be unable to move back and forth as a Non Resident Indian (NRI). This holds especially true in the contemporary pandemic situation, which has initiated unprecedented travel restrictions. The question then arises, if you can still fulfill your aspirations of building a dream home in India. The answer from Prithu Homes is a loud and astounding ‘Yes’! As a home construction company in Delhi, India, we are approached by innumerable clients who wish to get their homes constructed in the national capital even though they are based in far-off locations, like the USA, the UK, the UAE, and Australia.

With our extensive experience in the industry, and as one of the top house builders in Delhi NCR, we are proud of our carefully crafted services in terms of home construction for NRIs. Home building should be nothing short of a smooth, hassle-free, and satisfactory experience, no matter which location you reside in. We, at Prithu Homes, are committed to enabling this priceless experience for you at flexible and competitive rates through our combined expertise and state-of-the-art services.

In order to combat challenges that come up with such remote access for our NRI clients, Prithu Homes has come up with a customised, power-packed solution. This eradicates risks of obstructions, delays, and administrative hassles arising due to lack of your physical presence in the city; it includes gaining approvals from concerned local authorities, conceptualising the design and architecture, and monitoring construction and quality checks- essentially taking on your concerns with our highly competent in-house team. To learn more about why you should choose Prithu Homes for your home construction, check this out.

How we help build and secure your dream home:

You will be kept in the loop, at every step of the way!

Our team will ensure that you get regular updates on all on-site activities, including construction updates, schedule management, review of progress on video calls, and meetings with the construction manager

You do not need to enable your physical presence in town for any approval-related work from the local authorities. Our in-house team will do the needful.

Prithu Homes manages all approvals and coordination with local authorities for our NRI clients through the impeccable work of a talented and efficient in-house team that handles and manages all operational tasks, including on-site coordination and development. Hence, for all the back-end hassle, our home construction company in Delhi will be ever ready to take charge for you.

You can trust us with all challenges related to submission of designs, approvals of building plans, water and electricity management, coordination with the local government departments (such as the Municipality, Police, and Road Transportation), and other such critical tasks that would have otherwise demanded your presence in town. However, with the top house builders in Delhi, Prithu Homes, you need not take this stress at any point in time.

What’s best, is that it is not essential for the owners to assign any local stakeholder or trusted individual on their behalf for the coordination and completion of the dream home. As your trusted project coordinators and builders, we take complete onus of ensuring that all processes are completed successfully and in due time. Through multiple communication platforms and round-the-clock coordination, we completely eliminate the need for your physical presence in town.

You can finalise and conceptualise all designs and plans with our architects and designers, remotely:

Our experienced team paves the way for a seamless construction journey through regular weekly meetings with our architects via video and conferencing tools; this allows you to craft out major and minute details of your home, across all areas of design- plumbing, carpentry, interior design, electrical fittings, et al.

As an ethical home construction company in Delhi, we believe in complete transparency as well as solidified control of the client for their home projects. The client is kept constantly in touch with each aspect of progress and our multi-channel communication allows detailed customisation of each design process; this includes: collaborative briefs, floor plan sharing, consistent feedback, modifications, and finalisations. Therefore, as the top house builder in Delhi NCR, we allow no room for loopholes or gaps in communication. This ensures that the physical absence of the client on site poses no challenge whatsoever to the completion of the dream project(s).

Our Client Support Team handles flawless communication and ensures that all stakeholders along with our on-board senior management are part of an easy access communication channel. All of our group communication is consistently supervised by our Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, to ensure customer satisfaction and expert services.

You can customise and finalise materials and construction elements used for your home by browsing through our curated catalogue series; we present, and you select!

Our contemporary range of ideas and designs will allow you to gain access across an exhaustive range of options and choices that match your style and needs.

We enable hassle-free communication that is embedded with commitment and team involvement. All updates, relevant information, and offered solutions are churned out as per stipulated progress. Additionally, the client’s follow-up queries are also given immediate acknowledgment and redressal.

This mode of communication is also offered live to the client, as per their availability (on package basis).

You can be rest assured that Prithu Homes will offer you only top quality materials and services, and deliver a safe and reliable house for you.

As a leading home construction company in Delhi NCR, we take our work sincerely and seriously. We follow a strict set of established quality standards and procedures that adhere to relevant codes and ethical practices across all aspects of home building and designing.

Not only are all architectural processes and schedules executed exactly as per plan, but also our in-house expert team conducts regular quality checks on-site during the entirety of the construction process- this includes, but is not limited to, electrical fittings, plumbing, fabrication, marble work, and woodwork.

Our Warranty Team also undertakes independent quality reviews of all projects before the final handover stage. This extensive standardisation of processes and checks ensures that you receive only the best quality work from us. After all, we aim to build homes, not just houses.

With the top house builders in Delhi NCR, Prithu Homes, you are bound to have a guaranteed satisfactory experience through a myriad of our expert services that allow an A to Z, customised solution for NRI clients without the necessity of physical presence. You will be given leverage for complete customisation. Not only this, our promise of on-time delivery with practical deadlines and the Prithu ‘10-year structural warranty’ add to the dose of perfection that we wish to extend for all our clients.

If you are an NRI seeking a home construction company in Delhi, look no further. Contact us via [-----------contact info--------], and we will be more than happy to assist you on this home building journey!


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 All images shown are the real photographs or renderings of our projects. Prithu Homes has the right to change any information anytime without prior intimation. Please check for the latest applicable details before the signing of the agreement. All features or aspects mentioned may not be part of the standard offering. The renders shown for this project are subject to change as we work on final concepts and drawings.

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