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How to build an energy-efficient home without hurting your pocket?

Energy Efficient Home

An energy-efficient home not only improves the quality of living but also reduces consumption and waste of natural resources as well as energy. Some of the advantages of building a sustainable home includes a significant reduction of greenhouse gases, waste, pollution and environmental degradation. It facilitates better health of the occupants as the materials used are naturally available and non-toxic. A sustainable home also uses energy, water, land, waste and other resources efficiently. Inturn saves the future generations.

However, some may argue that building a sustainable home could be an expensive option. The below mentioned points will help you in planning to build your environment-friendly dwelling place without hurting your pocket. Building an energy efficient home also helps you save money in the long run.

Find an affordable land

Purchase a land with low down-payment and low monthly payment. However, do not settle for a place where there isn’t enough resources to convert them into energy and use them efficiently. Stick to your price range and do not look at expensive properties. You may need to check for the utilities and survey the land better before making the deal. It is also important to use the land reasonably.

Optimize the use of the Sun

A sustainable and energy efficient home is never complete without solar power. Just by erecting a solar panel on the roof may not help, the right placement of solar panels is exceptionally important to harness their total potential. It is also important to place them on the South-facing roof ensuring that there is no obstruction. Take expert guidance for placement of the solar panels.

Insulate the walls of your sustainable home

Insulating your walls can be an effective way of saving money, which you would otherwise spend on heaters during winters and coolers during summers. You may use cost-efficient and eco-friendly materials to insulate your walls.

Use environment- friendly materials

Sustainable homes help preserve the environment and its natural resources and also lower your energy costs. Since environmentally friendly materials are easily available and are low in cost comparatively, it is a better option to use them. This will help you save money and build a beautiful home for a lesser cost.

Install energy-efficient lights and rely on natural lighting during the day

Use energy-efficient lights, such as LED, halogen incandescent and CFL lights, which help in reducing up to eighty percent of your home lighting costs. It is equally important to construct windows of the home in such a way, it allows natural light to enter your home. This also helps in heating up or cooling down your home naturally.

Improving air quality

By constructing your sustainable home in such a way that the windows are placed in an appropriate direction, you have the benefit of natural air entering your home, providing good ventilation. This in turn helps in cutting down your expenses on the overall energy bills.

Proper roof planning and drainage system

It is exceptionally important to maintain a proper roof plan, to increase your sustainable home’s energy efficiency. A flat roof would accumulate water and increase the weight on the walls, whereas, a slope roof will help in draining out water, keeping your home free from leakage. A simpler roofing system with a basic plan can help you in cutting down your cost on the installation. Also, it is important to follow a simple guide to drainage system for housing in such a way that water retention does not happen. Installing a simple and efficient drainage system is a cheaper and better option.

Building an energy efficient home is not a tough task, (especially with PRITHU) and if you take this step, you are helping yourself as well as those around you. Create a better environment for yourself and future generations as well. You might want to look at what we have to offer at Prithu Homes as we practise green home building through various models and leave your details to schedule a free consultation. Happy Home Building.


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