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How to Calculate the Cost of House Construction in Delhi?

cost of house construction in Delhi

The construction of a house that one can call their own remains a dream of many in Delhi. Leave alone Delhi--even in the general context, building one's own house has unexplainable security to an individual bread-earner. And so, there's always something exciting about when you imagine crating your home in the capital of the fastest developing nation.

Nonetheless, there are some crucial factors an individual often hears or is warned about when one's going for home construction. One of them is Home Construction Cost. Especially when it comes to a metropolitan city like Delhi, it's not easy to find plots here and the rate changes from area to area. No doubt, a calculator, like Ranchor Das mentioned in 3 Idiots, is a comforting "Machine" that makes the whole process fun! It is a preferable tool to quickly access the construction costs in Delhi and classify the values as per one's dreams and needs before even starting to think about home construction!

Moreover, when the calculation is completed via a material calculator, meeting the customer's desirable budget, processing your dream housework brings an assuring smile to one's lips. However, most people are unaware of such calculative methods (or topics like estimate construction cost per square foot, cost of painting a house per square foot in India etc.) Here's where Prithu Homes come and aid you with its home construction calculators that provide you with an estimated home construction cost of your dream home.

Thus, continue reading, as per jurisdiction, in Delhi, the calculator for home construction varies.

Cost Estimation

Cost Estimation is the first step toward building your dream house. Estimating the construction cost would help you forecast the final amount needed to complete the project, providing room for components that emerge once the project begins. The relevance of estimating the cost to build a house becomes helpful when the project cost management supports the monetary rewards for future add-ons in the future.

The Primary and Secondary Costs are two prime components that help with this estimation.

Primary Cost: Its main purpose is to get through a strict project management routine. The customer can know where their cost is being used. As such, all the specific departments and sectors come directly under them. This includes land acquisition, labour fees, product purchasing, resources, fuel, equipment rentals etc.

Secondary Cost: One can study the home construction market, thus securing oneself from extra costs without disturbing the fund management system. This comes under the secondary cost.

Home Construction Cost Calculator and its Benefits

House owners can utilise a home cost construction calculator to benefit their cost estimates. On our website, the buyer may input the data in the supplied area and calculate the building cost themselves. This procedure includes,

Entering the actual plot size: Enter the size of your plot in square yards. The number of floors: Select the number of floors you want to build. City: Select the city you look forward to constructing your dream house. Built-up area: Enter the total built-up area you want for your home.

Note that the total built-up area is different from the FAR. The total built-up area covers the FAR, balcony, stilt, basement, and open space. Enter the area measurement in square feet.

Beyond the Reach

Achieving the desired budget is a mere indicator of the project. Some amount of peace of mind is employed via the home construction cost calculator. However, a few additional aspects are involved in the ultimate completion. These must be considered before beginning the project.

Cost of labour: The wage of workers near the area. Materials: Quality of material in constructing your house. Machinery and Equipment: Pieces of equipment that work for smoother and faster home construction. Services: Baseline cost estimation services (like transportation, fuel charges and many others) Provisions: Provisions for building a house and other paperwork which requires legal work. Miscellaneous cost: One must put aside a considerable amount that may come in handy in future.

Designing for Comfort and Budget

It is debated if the location, materials, and facilities are the only things to consider while estimating the cost of home construction? No. A big part also goes into the design. At last, it is the design that helps to set apart your house from other houses. Just as you groom a baby, your home needs it too, thus leaving behind your stamp!

One may arrive with preconceptions, but it is recommended to hire a professional who can assist in clarifying the queries that alarm the clients. In our experience, the questions vary from person to person and affect the basic budget depending on the family's lifestyle. Some families even opt for entirely new approaches while designing their houses. So, while calculating the overall construction cost budget, it is best to include the design element in its entirety. This might include -

  • Handy Design Elements before Budgeting

  • Storage space/rooms

  • Incoming light, breeze and heat

  • Surrounding view parallel to the construction

  • Premium interior model


When you think about calculating the construction costs in a busy metropolis like Delhi, the process can be overwhelming. It is best to take the help of the Home Construction Cost Calculator. Better is to make the process more fun rather than stress-driven.

Once you are done, consider the one-stop destination for home construction for further peace of mind. See your home getting constructed by our Built + Design Team at Prithu Homes while you relax on your couch, planning for your next meal.

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