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Prithu Homes, Naye Zamane ka Architect + Contractor 

☑ Aesthetic design & certified construction

☑ Zero surprises on cost & material used

☑ Largest design + build company in Delhi NCR

☑ In-house architect, approvals, and construction teams

Save by building your home via Prithu rather than building it yourself!

Home Construction

Home building is a once-in-a-lifetime decision and it requires a significant amount of emotional, physical, and financial capital investment. Thus, it takes years to build the dream home. So, when people plan to build their home, they wonder whether they should do it themselves by coordinating and managing with the architects, designers, contractors, laborers, etc, or hire a builder to do everything on their behalf.

According to our understanding and expertise, building a home through a builder like Prithu Homes can be less expensive. For a better understanding, we have curated a detailed analysis, which decodes the expenses you may incur if you build a home on your own or hire Prithu Homes.

The table below showcased the breakup cost if the plot owner builds the house himself. Additionally, the below description is based on a 200 sq yds plot in Delhi, where full FAR is consumed to build stilt + 4 floors. The scope of work down below is based on Prithu’s HomeEssential to ensure apple to apple comparison.

Indicative cost breakup of stilt + 4 floors structure on a 200 square yards plot

Cost HeadAmount

Design & supervision cost: 1716000 lcs.

Structure & related work: 9930000 lcs.

Electrical, Plumbing & other essentials: 2810000 lcs.

Flooring & walls cladding: 2125000 lcs.

Woodwork & windows: 1467000 lcs.

Fitting & fixtures: 476000 lcs.

Finishing: 1609000 lcs.

Hidden costs: 3305000 lcs.

The total cost is the owner builds the home himself: Rs. 3.05 cr.

Note: If you want to see the detailed breakup for the given cost, kindly refer to the link at the end of the blog.

On the other hand, If you hire Prithu Homes, the total cost incurred would be 2.69 cr. We charge a fixed price for building a home on a turnkey basis. So, ideally, you can save around 35 lacs if you decide to proceed with Prithu Homes.

Please note that the cost we have mentioned in our analysis is based on our market research and experience of what the market contractors, vendors, and other professionals charge the individual plot owners for home construction. You may hear different cost estimates. However, we believe that if you do efficient research, you’ll reach the cost estimate in the vicinity of the cost numbers we have mentioned above.

Additionally, aside from saving money through home building via Prithu, there are other advantages. For instance, Prithu offers a fixed price for design, construction, and approvals on day 0. Prithu Homes transparently define all the inclusions and exclusions while doing the pricing so there are no cost-related future surprises.

We are glad to share that Prithu has 50+ sites spread across Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad. So, when we procure raw materials and other equipment, the cost is lesser because of bulk purchasing and wider market reach.

Similar is the case with labor. Since we are the leading home builders in Delhi, we have the best access to laborers in and around the national capital. Additionally, thanks to the expertise of our entire team, when Prithu builds a home, there are lesser chances of wastages, rework, and leakages compared to if the plot owner builds the home themselves.

Lastly and most importantly, Prithu has the experience of more than 130+ full-time employees excelling in the home building business. Thus, it is your take to decide whether you want an expert to build your home or you want to do it yourself.

Disclaimer: The above numbers are an approximation. Please click here for a detailed analysis. Additionally, the numbers mentioned in this blog are updated on July 20, 2022. Numbers may change over time.


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